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Feb 11, 2013

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Evolution vs. Creation

The word "evolution " was used in the primary theory because as the meaning of this word implies, it was the BELIEF that the current species raised from former species that were inferior, worst, and simpler. Even Darwin's conclusions stated that Natural Selection works solely "with slow and short favorable changes", something that we know was a complete and infantile error. When evolutionists found out that their theory was false as a seven dollar bill, they transformed the word "evolution " into a technical term, with a different meaning in Biology as simply "change" regardless of the direction. Still, they talk jargon when the say that species do "evolve" because such new technical term "evolution " cannot by any means be used as a regular verb. Then, we can find evolutionists as deceivers of the truth with respect to their own theory, its origins, its failures, and today its confusion by using jargon to survive between the ignorant. In reality, by applying the laws of physics, because we are formed by elements, the only tendency of the species is to degenerate or decay. There wasn't, there isn't, there will not be any evolution at all but simple degenerate steps in the species. To say different is complete nonsense.  (Feb 11, 2013 | post #75332)

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People without online access exonerated to pay taxes

Recently I had to order a copy of the 1040 form from the IRS, because this year the IRS sent a few copies to the libraries and none to the Post Office locations. I do my own taxes, and I prefer the printed copy to review the several rules to fill up the tax form. I received a note sent by mail from the IRS telling me that a copy will take more time to be made, something that makes me wonder about people without internet access. There are MILLIONS of Americans who don't have internet access, and for them will be practically hell to find the printed form and fill up their taxes. They will be as well, practically obligated to hire someone to do their tax form. This is an abuse from the IRS, because this department assumes that all Americans can do their taxes online or that they can afford to pay someone to fill up the taxes for them. Of course, there are several free of charge offices that will do the taxes for free, but one must make an appointment and certain conditions are required. The solution to this new arrangement of the IRS to stop making enough printing copies is that when people don't receive the necessary means to fulfill the duty of filling up their tax forms, then they are exonerated to pay taxes. In this world where technology is taking over, the ones who can't afford this technology must be also granted to some compensation, this is to say, the IRS doesn't provide you the means to fill up taxes then you don't have to do them. Simple solution for a discriminative step initiated by the IRS.  (Feb 11, 2013 | post #1)