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Oct 18, 2010

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Autism poses unique set of challenges

Hello Friend, I am cheerful to see the newsperson talking about Autism. I occupation with unscheduled education and the autistic kids are Major!! They excel in areas that most group don't protection about. Autistic kids are impressive. They are whatsoever of the someone kids I feature worked with.  (Oct 18, 2010 | post #83)

Home Schooling

Charter Oak Unified unveils new virtual school for K-12 s...

The breakaway take schedule for Charter Oaks Unified is not at Helianthus, its at COHS. This might be the only way to pull new students to ghetto superior - COHS. The refine, staff and administration are wonderful, the students - antiblack riffraff. My kid lasted 2 days in tralatitious cultivate before a gather of real ghetto kids ran us out. Throwing stuff at the car, shout obscenities and in plain just existence rattling intimidating. We proved separate studies, but having to assist the COHS campus 1 day a hebdomad was console too trying. After 5 months, we ended up at a charter polish out of the regulate. Approximation they didn't Lyceum.  (Oct 18, 2010 | post #8)

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Redondo Beach school board chooses new Christian high sch...

Hello, The RBUSD baord is so untrustworthy. Things get no varied over the age. They let relate teachers swear them what to do and they do it. They are NOT haunted around the welfare of the kids. I've seen it firsthand. My nephews go to President. What a prank of a dwell. BUT...this measure they prefab the sect select. Faith families requirement prime overflowing schools for their kids. Intellectual you, there are some Zealous spot schools in the Southeast Bay but service of them are Religion supported ones that  (Oct 18, 2010 | post #30)