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Jul 15, 2013

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Utica, NY

Nike released KD VI Bamboo color

With Kevin Durant's China trip commenced, Nike also released his sixth generation of signature shoes Special Edition - KD VI Bamboo. Into the traditional Chinese philosophy of interpretation on the quality of bamboo, bamboo tough, balanced, comprehensive and plasticity characteristics. KD VI Bamboo Special Edition shoe sole body to have adopted the green and brown of bamboo as a filling, and bamboo texture as embellishment, giving bright clean, striking visual impact. In particular, the rear outer soles embeds a Chinese word "bamboo" , this design gives the shoes as if the soul, indicating that wearing this game with innovative performance basketball shoe will surely like gangbusters, victory. It is reported that this shoe will be officially on sale July 13. welcome to my web  (Jul 15, 2013 | post #1)