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Nov 6, 2010

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Waynesville, MO

Pippin's Place Lodge

Hi Ralph! Haven't spoken with you in a long time. How are you doing? I started a little Facebook group relating to Pippin Place. It's shown in a post three up from this one. If you are on Facebook, check in. My email has changed as I've had a falling out with AT&T. It is tom.goez at the same gmail place you have. Bill Eckert wrote me and said that Pippin Place has been repurchased by the Laughlin's. Wow! Maybe we can get access once again? Keep in touch, and hope to hear from you soon.  (Jan 5, 2013 | post #25)

Waynesville, MO

Pippins Place Postcard

The rec room is on the left side under the peaked roof. Does anyone remember the steel radio tower at the top of the hill? Dru had a TV antenna at the top of the tower just to be able to receive a couple of stations on the office television. It was the "media" room for the resort.  (Nov 6, 2010 | post #2)

Waynesville, MO

Pippins Place Postcard 2

I have lots of fond memories of Pippin Place. My family started going there in 1955. We went every year until about 1965. I have lots of pictures and memories! My brother and I used to pick watercress for John (the chef) for the delicious meals he prepared. He used to give us a dollar for the "work". w eckert: I need your new email address. Somehow I lost your old one or it quit working...  (Nov 6, 2010 | post #3)