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Jun 9, 2012

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Rome, NY

De Castro's Brick Oven on Erie

I don't care for the food either, service was okay, prices were a little high so my way to solve that problem is not to go there again.  (Mar 11, 2013 | post #165)

Rome, NY

Judge Ganon

takes about 6 months to evict some one and in the mean time the destroy the appartment, but the mortgage still has to be paid and then repair all that was damaged even after you get a back ground check. I hate owning proporty, no body seems to have any responsibility.  (Feb 14, 2013 | post #25)

Rome, NY

Camden ny has a bunch of wannabe tough guys

So where is being a tough guy going to get you, your all a bunch of low life wanna be friggin gangsters. Put your energy elsewhere and do something positive for at the least yourself. I know that you wouldn't do anything nice for someone else. Low life jerks.  (Feb 14, 2013 | post #9)

Rome, NY

Taberg woman arrested under Leandra's Law

What do you expect from Taberg  (Feb 11, 2013 | post #2)

Rome, NY

Oneida County Jail inmate arrested for having cocaine in ...

How can this happen  (Feb 11, 2013 | post #1)

Rome, NY

michelle casler

Such be children again  (Jan 29, 2013 | post #39)

Rome, NY

Rome using regional economic developement dollars to impr...

What downtown area do we have in Rome  (Dec 21, 2012 | post #1)

Rome, NY

Fire Chief Ron Brement

I agree  (Oct 12, 2012 | post #61)

Rome, NY

Obama Phones

Obama phones, Obama care.................he is a rapist that should be in jail with the rest of them.  (Sep 28, 2012 | post #6)

Rome, NY

kelly conover

Here's a thought, worry about your self and leave it at that.  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #44)

Rome, NY

blue classic car loser

Quit your bitching and leave the guy alone, he doesn't hurt or bother anyone.  (Jun 9, 2012 | post #6)