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Aug 9, 2010

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Pocahontas, AR

Britney Richardson/ Smith

she is living in iowa still pulling the same immature idiotic disrespectful back stabbing lying cop calling being a total whore and now the tweeked out heroine addict is saying she pregnant which is probably another fat lie coming out of her fat mouth just to try to get attention or whatever she plans on acheiving by it but she has already burned more than half the bridges in the town where she is living. and still leading people that live outof state and not in arkansas either that she has her 2 children and she is doing good when she is right back to where she was before she moved to iowa and its pretty obvious she has given up on even trying to get her children back. lord only knows why the dumb worthless bitch would ever even think of leaving the state that her children are in. if i had children there is no way possible that anyone would even get me out of the same town as my children without a damn good fight but if i had children i wouldnt ever lose them either. for whatever reason she has told everyone in iowa a different story about how she lost her kids and the main thing i dont get is if she lost her daughter or son which ever because she is married to aaron smith then why does he have the little girl now? does that make sense? hell no. all she has is excuses all day and all night and she is a waste of good air as far as im concerned. we have enough terrible people in this world without her heartless low down dirty drug doin ass out running around and now reproducing once again just to have another baby that the state will take away because we all know she is not sober. she cant handle reality when she is sober and soon she is going to decieve everyone in that town and she will have no one and be just lost and i hope she crawls into the hole she is already digging and i hope she burrys herself. i feel sorry for the people in pocahontas arkansas where this trick bitch came from but damn you guys should have warned us iowan people that that skanky wreck was coming.  (Aug 9, 2010 | post #132)