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Nov 30, 2009

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Baytown, TX

Health Care - Baytown, TX

Dumb# 1: Not having the ability to note that those opposing the Health Care plan on the Senate floor are wearing ties so loud...the average civilian mind cannot hear the speakers points. Dumb# 2: Having the nads to announce to announce to a nation that still has fire arms that their grandparents are going to die soon, true to population control policies resulting in a shortage of gumbo, as well as stealthy access to the liquor cabinet. Dumb# 3: As long as people cannot take good care of themselves, precint 2 of Baytown will experience a marked decrease in commission ( yet again) because there is less people needing problems solved. This means law enforcement will offer the government a hearty serving of " ph*ck u" on a national scale. Where is your police state now? The Aussies need to mow something delapidated down and scooch on over.( *pops top* Ahhh...time to level up.) Dumb#3: Farting around for 4 hours while we wait for the senate to come to floor and paying our satellite TV bills so they can pay the sponsors we have to sit through while we wait for them to come to the blessed floor..and of course indulge in materialism which supports the f*ggin bill anyway through said commercial. Dumb4# Catching me at the bar and watching me run my hand along the underside of the table as well as the back of the chair and finding the g-nads to do it anyway. What you may encounter is not what you would expect, although ridiculously exciting. My a** is not near as troubled as theirs is about to be.... -Dez  (Nov 30, 2009 | post #19)

US Politics

'We're Sorry'--Apology For Slavery: Too Little, Too Late

How does one get picked on at school, wake up and decide that its a damn good idea to be not be mad at them....but "Lets be mad at what grandpa is mad at today..." Hell, why not? I get fired: Grandpa knows why... Car brakes down: Grandpa knows why I OD: Its called disassociation from emotional problems generated at home through the child abuse exhibited by grandpa, who never learned to forgive the caucasion lazy a** idgits...and so now he needs to take it out on his family. Afterall, its only fair...its even on the scales...true justice, bless god and the offering plate to go home and dot a kids eye because you happened to rehash on the way back from the Golden Coralle Sunday morning, once again, what happened to your friends back in the day...some people need something to take their anger out on because they have yet to grow the ph*ck up...An apology from a race who was not only unconscious of the happenings, but not even born yet to ponder it? I would like to make an apology myself here...I would like to apologize for Obama forced to announce an apology from cacausian zygotes...the script writer, who needs to forgive her daddy, must have realized that if there was not an apology made, then the public would never turn its eye from the ailing UN targeted third countries selected to be the exchange between american generals (on the lower ranks of operative enforcement groups) and African dictators who request weapon contracts from those generals so that the economically fortunate could stand on the foundation of the poverty stricken africans. Now, if we really wish to remedy this problem, we not look to blame folk that have passed smooth the ph*ck on, but have a wee gander over at the dictators brief cases, who have never, ever had the opportunity to CLAIM to be under slavery mandated by any race, and so there is no comparison and thus no sympathy/empathy. All for my peoples? Damn right. But look to the eastern horizon for your middle finger to stand on as a monument for what you desire to fix in this world, and stop letting the media controlled by said american general keep you so preoccupied with campaignes and pickets, that you are unable to see your own purpose in front of your face. -Dez  (Nov 30, 2009 | post #7686)