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Dec 26, 2006

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Orlando Sentinel

City considers merging fire department with Seminole

This Clayton Bigsby has a deep heater of Firefighters. His verminous remarks are repeated in every post that he writes. Never a positive work about the good firefighters do. It would be a better place if no one responds to his HATE for our Public servants. He says the same garbage over and over and states nothing but false information.  (Jun 28, 2009 | post #8)

Orlando Sentinel

City considers merging fire department with Seminole

Seminole County should be one big metro fire department. Slowly it is going that way. Best thing that could happen  (Jun 25, 2009 | post #5)

Orlando Sentinel

Longwood tentatively schedules forum on Dog Track Road

AMEN! Churchs should stay out of Government. So lets turn this around, The Dog Track should say no mention of the word god should be allowed in the Northland church. They are lead by a waco right wing zelot anyway  (Jun 25, 2009 | post #28)

Orlando Sentinel

Tiger Woods disappointed with even finish

If you are sick of hearing them then Let's start talking about AWOL COWARD G W Bush.  (Jun 22, 2009 | post #7)

Orlando Sentinel

Merger of Orlando, Orange fire services is again on table

If they can not decide to merge then at least have one dispatch system that will send the closest units regardless of city county boundaries. Seminole County has been doing just that for over ten years. Every city department is dispatched by the county. Closest units go and they have faster service. It works very well. We have agreements with all the counties around us to responded if they are closer at the time of the call. It is a win, win situation for all the citizens. We have consolidated two cities into the county FD, Altamonte Springs and Winter Springs. In the near future one and maybe two other cities will be come part of the county FD. It is better of all the citizens. Orlando & Orange County right now is about territory neither wants to give up. Grow up and do what is best for the tax payers. Better protection. Look at Jacksonville, it is one large county fire protection system. It has been working for years  (Jun 20, 2009 | post #5)

Orlando Sentinel

3 teens charged in Altamonte apartment fire

Hope that they lock them up for a very long time. Placing inocent peoples lives in danger. They are very lucky that no civilians or firefighters died. Breaking in and stealing things is one thing, still bad but ti start a fire. how very STUPID. How foolish they where.  (Jun 20, 2009 | post #1)

Orlando Sentinel

Letterman explains _ and sort of apologizes _ for jokes a...

Ops! left out what I was going to say Chelsea Clinton, was and is a class act, unlike the Bush twins and JEB's wife and kid all are a JOKE,  (Jun 14, 2009 | post #194)

Orlando Sentinel

Letterman explains _ and sort of apologizes _ for jokes a...

AMEN Well stated. The republicans can dish it out but sure can not handle it when tossed back in their face. Chelsea Clinton, unlike the Bush twins and JEB's wife and kid all are a JOKE, Sahaeazilla needs to shut up and go chill in Alaska  (Jun 14, 2009 | post #193)

Orlando Sentinel

Obama's Gramps: Marching across France with the Ninth Air...

You got to be kidding me that looser was in the Air Force get your facts in a row. Do your homework before you put that size 13 in your mouth again May 28, 1968: Bush enlists as an Airman Basic in the 147th Fighter-Intercepto r Group, Ellington Air Force Base, Houston, and is selected to attend pilot training. July 12, 1968: A three-member board of officers decides that Bush should get a direct commission as a second lieutenant after competing airman's basic training. July 14 to Aug. 25, 1968: Bush attends six weeks of basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Sept. 4, 1968: Bush is commissioned a second lieutenant and takes an 8-week leave to work on a Senate campaign in Florida. Nov. 25, 1968 to Nov. 28, 1969: Bush attends and graduates from flight school at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. (UTP Course #P-V4A-A Moody AFB, Ga. 53 weeks November 1969) January 1,1970 147th changes from doing Alerts to training F-102 pilots. December 1969 to June 27, 1970: Bush trains full-time to be an F-102 pilot at Ellington Air Force Base. Febuary 1970 Bush attends Preint Pilot Training (T-33 ANG112501 5 weeks ) June 1970 his records are not clear his computer records show RGRAD NAV TNG but his Discharge shows F102 Intcp Pilot Training (F102 ANG1125D 16 weeks). His Military Biography shows: Professional Military Education: Basic Military Training, Undergraduate Pilot Training and nothing else. Here is his total Service July 1970 to April 16, 1972: Bush, as a certified fighter pilot, attends frequent drills and alerts at Ellington. Computer records show last Physical as May 1971. Which also shows him as CR MEM ON FS (crew member on flight service) not PILOT. During his fifth year as a guardsman, Bush's records show no sign he appeared for duty. May 24, 1972: Bush, who has moved to Alabama to work on a US Senate race, gets permission to serve with a reserve unit in Alabama. But headquarters decided Bush must serve with a more active unit. Sept. 5, 1972: Bush is granted permission to do his Guard duty at the 187th Tactical Recon Group in Montgomery. But Bush's record shows no evidence he did the duty, and the unit commander says he never showed up. November 1972 to April 30, 1973: Bush returns to Houston, but apparently not to his Air Force unit. May 2, 1973: The two lieutenant colonels in charge of Bush's unit in Houston cannot rate him for the prior 12 months, saying he has not been at the unit in that period. May to July 1973: Bush, after special orders are issued for him to report for duty, logs 36 days of duty. July 30, 1973: His last day in uniform, according to his records. Oct. 1, 1973: A month after Bush starts at Harvard Business School, he is formally discharged from the Texas Air National Guard -- eight months before his six-year term expires. Data drop from White House: pdfs from USAToday site 4-Performance Grades are missing There is much in Bush's records to think about. The main thing that gets me is; as a pilot he could have been anywhere in the US and been able to get a ride back to Houston for his weekend duty. Even non- pilots could do it by flying standby on MATS. But W didn't do it. He had to get a transfer to a unit in Alabama. Missing his physical took him to a non-flying status, but even that wouldn't have stopped him from riding a back seat in a T-33 going home for duty. He missed all his physicals after May 1971, so he couldn't have kept his "pilot" rating, but that is the MOS on his discharge. What did he do as a non-pilot in the Guard? If he didn't miss the physicals, then they should be in his record. They aren't. That is the crux of his duty in the Air Guard.  (Jun 1, 2009 | post #33)

Orlando Sentinel

Obama's Gramps: Marching across France with the Ninth Air...

OH! Let us not forget that GW Bush's grandfather SUPPORTED Hitler before we entered WWII. How well the right wing can say how bad our guy is but there guy is GOD> GW needs to be tried for going AWOL from the Air Force during time of war. Him and Dick need to be tried for their War Crimes. Some leader you all had appointed to the WH  (May 31, 2009 | post #24)

Orlando Sentinel

Obama's Gramps: Marching across France with the Ninth Air...

Maybe you might check out that this is a HOAX being spread by the RIGHT WING Hate mongers http://urbanlegend ackobama/a/hr_1388 _hamas_resettlemen t.htm It is totally untrue and a Big LIE  (May 31, 2009 | post #23)

Orlando Sentinel

45 Orlando firefighters told they may lose jobs

It is not one of the most dangerous jobs..... anymore. Why? Because the fire unions,and OSHA, made the city, or county that they work for make many safety changes. The training the departments now do and the up-to-date-equipme nt we use. This is why it is not the most dangerous job anymore. We train to be safe. We do not call ourselves HEROES, it is the everyday citizen we protect that say we are. To us it is JUST A JOB we get paid to do. just like any other person who has a job. So all you nay sayers just shut the F* up and get a life. We have one that we happen to really love, firefighting.  (May 27, 2009 | post #583)

Orlando Sentinel

Seminole County to lay off at least 60

Sure firefighters rape and plunder.  (May 25, 2009 | post #201)

Orlando Sentinel

Ticked off! @ litterers and twitterers

Smokers are the worst of the worst litters. They that still use a ash try in their car or truck, dump it out at the stop light or stop sign. $500 dollar fine for each butt they toss out would sure make me happy. One smoker stated that they toss the butt out the window because.... Wait for it!....... They don't want their car to smell like an ash tray. DUH! "Stupid is as Stupid is does." They just don't get it that there car, truck already stinks like an ash tray. How about those idiots that buy there fast food lunch at the drive tru and sit in the parking lot and eat. Then toss the bag it cam in out the window. IDIOTS, SLOBS, PIGS. Leave it in the bag on the floor of your car, truck and when you get to work or home toss it into a TRASH CAN, Jack ****  (May 25, 2009 | post #3)

Orlando Sentinel

Seminole County lays off 71 workers

President Dimwit already left office.  (May 23, 2009 | post #75)

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