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Jan 18, 2012

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Black Canyon City, AZ

Robbery Aftermath:

It just kills me to see so many people are out there judging and convicting these two young boys barely men, when probably 1/2 at least are just as guilty or no better in the things there doing, The only thing is they got caught and in serious trouble now,and the other 1/2 doing the same just never been caught yet. So be carefull before you judge others, you never know.... One day one of yours might become grown and you find your self on the other side of these comments. And then realize how quickly other's are to judge. My thing is everyone deserves a 2nd chance and pray that these 2 are of the very fue that learn something from this and possibly do something with their life's that are now a mess. Lots of prayer is what all people involved in this matter needs. Prayer and forgiveness. And I am so glad that god had a hand on the girl that got hurt in this. Also no matter if you know the person committing the crime or not always give up the money your life is worth way more then a fue dollars, Cuz if someone is going to go out or their way to be armed and masked then the person you know at that moment isn't the person you knew a fue day's befor and they mean business. So if you are a employee for someone else and their is a hold-up always give them the money and quickly. It could make a world of difference.  (Jan 18, 2012 | post #1)