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Mar 8, 2010

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Hopkinsville, KY

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UPDATE: THEY HAVE BEEN SITED IN HOPKINSVILLE, KY! Please keep an eye out and contact the police immediately if you spot them. Please! A few months ago I met Jason Outlaw & Misty Gagne. They gave my husband & I a sob story, they told us she was pregnant, they were homeless and trying to find honest work that they didn't even have ID, or a social security car, or even birth certificates. Though I was pregnant myself, about 8 months so, and my husband was soon to be out of work we got them an apartment with a friend where they were staying RENT FREE since Sept. We were helping pay their water bill & even their electric. Unfortunately as of a few days ago we have discovered Jason Outlaw & Misty Gagne are con artists & have been selling everything we let them borrow, including my son's tv. That was the only tv in our home. They have also left us with a $300 electric bill as we naively allowed it to be in our name since they couldn't pay a deposit. They went around to churches asking for money to help pay the rent that did not exist. And even worse, they stole over $2000 worth of tools, ladders, a stove, washer and dryer, etc...from my friends property and sold it all. Our friends trusted us enough to let people we believed were good people to live in an apartment they owned rent free and we failed our friend's trust and lost a lot of credibility with a lot of people. They are currently now wanted in Hopkinsville, KY for 2 counts of Grand Theft, 1 felony count of Vandalism, and 1 count of Burglary. Possibly counts of selling stolen goods & fraud to come. They have also been arrested in CT for purse snatching, and have warrants for their arrest in the state of Florida. They also have felony strikes on their record from drug involvement. Communicating with the police and their neighbors we've learned that Monday charges had been filed against them due to them burglarizing a neighbor over the weekend while the family was at a funeral. They then sold the electronics to another neighbor. Neighbors have come forward about being sold these goods as they didn't know they were stolen. All have filed reports and are witnesses that both Jason Outlaw and Misty Gagne were the thieves. One neighbor even witnessed him going into the home though he thought Jason had permission. Also checking with a local salvage company we now have records of Jason Outlaw and Misty Gagne selling our friend's stripped and gutted AC unit, wiring, a cpl of the ladders, etc...The company has copies of their IDs as well as pictures of every item they brought in matching the items stolen. We are offering a reward of $100.00 to the first person who can tell us where they are staying(they left sometime in thelast 2 days though were seen in Hopkinsville, ky yesterday). They do not have a vehicle of their own. Please help us find this couple and bring them to justice. Jason Richard Outlaw Florida ID# R340-436-85-211-0 birthday 6-11-85 Misty Gagne birthday 3-23-81  (Mar 8, 2010 | post #1)