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Mar 14, 2012

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Easley, SC

slumlord in easley

I recently rented a mobile home from Mildred Dacus in Easley. This was by far the worst place I have ever lived. There were places where the floor was fixing to fall through and many of the electrical outlets didn't work. Of the ones that did work there were 3 that when you plugged something into them you could hear electricity sizzle inside the outlet. There were no smoke detectors in the home which is a violation of South Carolina code 23-9-155. When i brought up these issues I was promised that everything would be fixed. After a couple of weeks with no one coming to fix the problems I talked to the tenants in several of her other mobile homes and found out that they all experienced similar problems. The State Fire Marshall really needs to inspect these properties before a fire or something possibly kills someone. I couldn't live in those conditions so I moved to a better and less expensive place. When I went to Mildred to get my deposit back she told me that I couldn't have my deposit back because I hadn't lived there long enough. I hadn't damaged anything. She started quoting some rental agreement which I had never read nor signed. She mentioned the agreement when I rented the place but said she had to have copies made so I never saw nor signed any agreement. When I told her it wasn't right to keep someone's money when they hadn't damaged anything her exact words to me were "I couldn't make any money like that." Is that even legal? It definitely speaks for character. Before you rent any property from her make sure you go in and check out EVERYTHING. And be warned, the maintenance people she uses are a joke.  (Mar 14, 2012 | post #1)