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Aug 7, 2008

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Mask Carving by Eric Schweig




Within city limits

Local Favorites:

Uccello's..Wayland Hotel Bar & Grill for GREAT FOOD....

I Belong To:

My spirit within....Morning Star

When I'm Not on Topix:

Studying Native American culture and history. Spending time with my son and grandchildren.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I speak with honesty and respect for others.

I'm Listening To:

My collection of music !

Read This Book:

Ten Little Indians by Sherman Alexie...It's a book with 10 short stories that will make you cry and laugh with the greatest humor....Native humor!

Favorite Things:

Harleys...Reading....All kinds of Music...Native American Pow Wows...Nascar...Football..

On My Mind:

Pet Peeve= People who don't show respect for others in their posts.

I Believe In:

Respect...honesty...spiritualism. Don't let someone be your priority, while allowing yourself to be their option.