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Jul 14, 2008

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Baltimore Sun

Bad calls not always black, white

Nice, "politically correct", and fine saving answer Coach!  (Dec 16, 2008 | post #3)

Chicago Tribune

Arrest may be undue rush to judgment

The writer clearly has NO criminal law back-round!  (Dec 12, 2008 | post #189)

Baltimore Sun

Flacco keeps poise, shows nerves of steel

He simply needs to realize when the play is over and protect the ball and take the sack; other than that he looks like a winner!  (Sep 30, 2008 | post #13)

Baltimore Sun

Md. GOP applauds pick

I simply don't get it. In my opinion, the GOP just gave away the election with this "pick". This lady is as qualified to be vice President as I am, and that's not very qualified. Can you imagine this lady becoming prez. when JM can't serve? I can see it now; " National security meeting cancelled due to Hockey game or the prez can't make it to the "Summit" as her husband is in some race in Alaska. So here is where the GOP stands: "lets pick a woman, regardless of qualification, to garner the pissed off Hillary backers". Has the party gone completely insane? It's almost as if JM Doesn't want to be president after all and now he wont be!  (Aug 30, 2008 | post #32)

Baltimore Sun

C. Johnson legally now Ocho Cinco

WHAT A PUTZ!!!!!!!  (Aug 30, 2008 | post #4)

Baltimore Sun

Merriman will forgo surgery, play this season

What an imbecile!!! The team needs him More than he needs to play and I'm certain they are pressuring him to play. He should have at least gotten them to agree to guarantee the remaining years of his contract and share the risk here.  (Aug 27, 2008 | post #4)