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Oct 11, 2009

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[email protected] OK


Eastmoor Area

Local Favorites:

The Shoe, Eastmoor HS, Planks, Max & Ermas, Conrads. High Street/Lane Ave. The Shott

I Belong To:

USAF since 1987 with worldwide acceptance

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm Working

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Why not?

I'm Listening To:

The PDG on my I-pod

Read This Book:

Mickey Mantle 1956 My Favorite Year

Favorite Things:

OSU Sports/Buckeye gear

On My Mind:

Going home from my Desert trip soon

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Don't have or need one

I Believe In:

God, The American Way, Jim Tressel, Woody Hayes and Archie and all not neccesarily in that order. Michigan will lose 10 in a row to us!