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Mar 18, 2010

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Midwife Eileen Small in Ketchikan....any feedback?

Once again Eileen Small is being attacked by Peace Health and Ketchikan General Hospital because she won't play their game. Consequently, they are on a witch hunt and have done some pretty low things to try to make a case against her. What they are trying to do is wear her down, throwing groundless accusations at her, getting the State of Alaska involved in their petty fight, and it is time that we, as Eileen's patients and friends, take a stand. Was your personal medical file removed from Eileen's office due to the search warrant to try to find evidence of theft and Medicaid fraud? Mine was, and I'm not even a Medicaid patient. And I'm very angry. The Ketchikan Police looked into each file that was taken (on instructions), which is alone a major HIPPA violation. My daughters files were taken, that of a friend of mine, none of which are Medicaid. Pursuant to the warrant, it specifically states Theft in the 2nd Degree and Medicaid Fraud, so why were these files taken? Why was the Ketchikan Police Department told to look into the files before taking the ones they took? Why has the State of Alaska Attorny General's office denied knowledge of this case, even though it was their Office of Special Prosecutions who got the warrant? Why were "drugs" taken from Eileen's office (mind you, it is customary for a Certified Nurse Midwife to have IV solutions and Pitocin)? This was not listed in the search warrants, why was it taken? Why was the newspaper there to write their story on Eileen, without giving her a chance for rebuttal? Why were these listed as "drugs" in the newspaper, indicating that what was found and taken was illegal...Ketchika n Daily News, you've always leaned a little left of center, but this was definitely biased reporting! Contact me if you want your file back, it is your personal medical file, and it's time that the Attorney General learns about this attack on Eileen, about Peace Health's efforts to run her out of town (yes, they ARE trying to get a monopoly in health care), they are actively pursuing this through less than honest measures. I want to talk to you! Interested in being part of a lawsuit against the State of Alaska? Eileen's the ONLY caregiver in town that listens to her patients, has an honest interest in each and every one, and is the first one to refer something out of her office if she can't handle it. Peace Health tried to give Eileen a black eye when the baby died, but what is their own track record in pre-natal and neo-natal deaths? Glass houses... My email is tj AT 13silvermoons DOT com, my phone number is in the book. If you are tired of this game that Peace Health is playing, if you are tired of seeing the one truly caring provider hounded on trumped up charges, please contact me! TJ Wilson  (Mar 18, 2010 | post #12)