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Jan 22, 2012

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Accutane, Makeup Tips?

Thanks for the reply everyone:) I agree that accutane doesn't work for everyone, and it sucks that that happened to you with the breaking skin thing...But its worth a try if you have bad enough skin (which I do!). I'll definitely check out Aveeno. My derm suggested Cerave facial lotion. Which is OK but not outstanding. As for the mineral makeup. You mean powders? Those dont work for me right now. The dry skin really responds badly to the circular brush rubbing.. I used that when my skin was just moderate bad, and I was a fan. I'll go back to that when I can. But right now my skin is way worse. I am trying to find a tinted moisturizers/Beaut y Balm/Liquid foundation. Still looking for the right one. Any advice with that would be appreciated :)  (Jan 25, 2012 | post #5)

Accutane, Makeup Tips?

Hi all. I just started on Accutane about a week ago. I haven't seen any results/side effects yet, and I know all about the basic tips to help the chapped lips etc. What I havent found is any advice on makeup while on accutane. I guess the problem with skin on accutane is just like with acne or dry skin, but I was hoping someone on accutance might be able to suggest good products or regimen to help cover the redness, spots, while not looking flaky. Im seriously debating stopping wearing makeup at all. But I feel very self conscious about my skin even with makeup on, so it'll be tough to go without any. At the same time, the makeup routine I'm doing now (all OTC face primers +Revlon liquid foundation+powder) doesn't make my skin look much better. Other than that, the Cerave/Cetaphil cleansers seem to do OK, at least in terms of not drying me out. I also use Cerave AM facial lotion and OLAY complete face moisture. Again, these are alright but I'm willing to try something new. Any advice, words of wisdom, or encouragement would be great. I'm 25, and have always been relatively "good looking" (not to sound arrogant) but I feel like I look like an unhygenic 16 year old who doesn't know how to wear makeup! I'm willing to spend some $ on good skin products, so far I've only bought OTC makeup/moisturizer s.  (Jan 22, 2012 | post #1)