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Oct 17, 2010

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So whats the deal with deb???

Ohh ya here's another thing I hope u get caught buying drugs online u hypocritical cuntnugget!!!  (Nov 16, 2010 | post #172)

So whats the deal with deb???

R u effing serious!!!! She ripped off a bunch of people and ur acting like the death threats were a big deal...? Nobody knows where she lives so she's safe!!! Ur supposed to be some holy roller and ur sticking up for a thief!!! I hope all these people get their orders soon because this is ridiculous!!  (Nov 16, 2010 | post #171)

THE BECKI and CATSPAW,happy, joyous,and wonderful, feel g...

Whatsup gonz how does it? Hope your doing good bro  (Nov 16, 2010 | post #242)

Drug testing question..

He had a good answer but I just did a search and it stated that mo most common drug tests that methadone is not something that comes up as a positive in drug tests... I will post the link in a bit  (Nov 16, 2010 | post #7)

Doctor from OK city really screwed me today

This is not cat it is an imposter!!!! She is catspaw1955 all together! This is kmahaters or purdue or wutever the hell his name is! Sorry Lisas bro this is an angry individual spewing hate  (Nov 16, 2010 | post #97)

blues 30 mg oxys for sale legit!!!

Your right warf!! And in my next post I will finally let everyone know that I'm Batman!!!  (Nov 16, 2010 | post #20)

Doctor from OK city really screwed me today

That is a complete waste!!! She seemed like a good person in a hard spot!! I wish she could have got into a medical detox!! You and your family will be in my prayers! Every day something like this happens, this shows how powerful these drugs are  (Nov 15, 2010 | post #82)

blues 30 mg oxys for sale legit!!!

Well if u had a painful disease and got in a car accident that causes u pain every day of ur life you would take medication as well asshole!! WTF are you on this forum then anyways all I was doing was talking shot to this guy I get my meds legally!! You have no right to judge anyone... If you want to preach go to church  (Nov 15, 2010 | post #14)

How Good Is Tramadol?

22??? Why the hell would he do that? Taking large amounts of tramadol hightens ur chance of having a seizure  (Nov 15, 2010 | post #552)

blues for sale legit

Well that's all good if you keep doing that! But you really should do what everyone told u in the post! That kid is a waste of life and will continue to scam people! So it's up to u to deal with him... You live the closest and have the info  (Nov 15, 2010 | post #16)

Oxycontin 'VS' Opana

Exactly! I don't understand why he keeps coming on here and spreading false statements!! You already corrected him and then he says he doesn't know everything... But then spreads false info again lol! Not that I know everything but bad info could hurt people  (Nov 15, 2010 | post #386)

opanalady sent me this email

I understand exactly what your going thru! I was just upset because opanalady has been under scrutiny for awhile and I do not like it! There are many legitimate ccp's mixed with the scammers and just plain rude people! The easiest thing to do is read all the recent threads that are not about selling drugs and you will usually find us... We will show you the ropes! There are a lot of good people on here I'm sure cat can't tell u many of them if you email her... We are a big family and there are a few people who do not like that and will take our names from time to time(they will be in black because most of us are registered and are in blue)... So please feel free to reply to us whenever and welcome to topix!  (Nov 15, 2010 | post #119)