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May 16, 2012

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Yorba Linda, CA

Robbery at LA Fitness in Yorba Linda Imperial Hwy

There was a robbery at the LA Fitness in Yorba Linda on Imperial Hwy last night, May 15, between 7:00pm and 8:30pm. We are offering a REWARD to anyone who has valid information about this Robbery. We are desperate to get back the ID's and the Documents that were stolen. If we just get these, we would be thankful. They broke the glass out of a Silver Toyota Matrix and stole a briefcase and a gym bag. My husband remembers a White SUV sitting in the parking lot, with two people inside, when he parked. That were not looking for a parking space, they were just parked like they were waiting for someone. It wasn't in the parking lot when he came out at 8:30. It may or may not have been the people responsible. Please contact me through Topix if you know anything. The items stolen were a black briefcase with wheels and a handle, it resembles a small luggage bag, also a black gym bag with clothing, shoes, glasses and a wallet inside. Items inside briefcase were folders containing documents, letters, medical records, court documents, One passport, drivers license. These are very important documents. If anyone has any information about this robbery please let us know, the briefcase had very important documents inside that are not replaceable along with some very important valuables. The gym bag held important personal belongings that are also not replaceable. We never leave such things in the car but my husband was told by the staff of the gym that they never had any robberies and that the parking lot was very safe. Please contact me through Topix if you know anything.  (May 16, 2012 | post #1)

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