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Aug 24, 2013

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San Jose, CA

Stolen Male Beagle

My beagle has been stolen. His name is Johann. He is a 3 years old. Tri-color (white, tan, black) and neutered. If you have seen him or have any information please contact me. He was stolen from San Jose, California. There have been reports/sightings in the evergreen area of San Jose. Reward for his safe return or any info leading to his return.  (Oct 6, 2013 | post #1)

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Stolen Beagle Dog

Please help find my stolen beagle dog. His name is Johanne. He is 3 years old, neutered, and has a tattoo under his right ear. He was given away without my knowledge or permission. Emily Kay took him and gave him to her friend Alex Rudzinski. She refuses to give him back to me. I can't believe these people are doing this. I have left her messages, sent a letter, and gone with the police to her house. She will not answer, communicate, or respond. She has only text me saying she will not tell me where my dog is or if she has him. She has now blocked my number. I miss my best buddy so much it breaks my heart every moment. I AM OFFERING A $1,000 REWARD FOR HIS RETURN  (Aug 24, 2013 | post #1)