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Sep 14, 2007

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Jacksonville, FL

2 boys shot on Normandy Blvd.

I think THATs VERY insensitive... Jeez! Actually, they were wearing baggy pants down to their ankles and as they were running to their get-away car they tripped and fell on their guns.  (Jun 28, 2008 | post #15)

First Coast News Jacksonville

Local News - Local Man Injured by Falling Beer Sues Store

Everyone knows (except for him and his lawyer) that you have to keep your nuts out from under the Schlitz Malt Liquor...the stuff's heavy! It's simple, get the beer....THEN the nuts!  (Nov 29, 2007 | post #54)

First Coast News Jacksonville

Top Stories - The Controversy Continues Over Lease at Loc...

It's all about money and control. Black politicians have to keep the political power and control ethnically pure in order to survive. They can't let anyone know that white people are actually trying to help improve the deplorable situation in which they are being "kept". Black politicians can't have "whitey" come in and show 'em up. The voters might realize the political sham thats been purpetrated on them all these years. Someday, when the truth be told, the voters might even vote the facist bums out.  (Nov 27, 2007 | post #91)

First Coast News Jacksonville

Local News - Saints March Over Jaguars 41-24

WOW! If THAT happened, they'd have to use the stadium for swap meets on weekends. At least they'd get 104 days of revenue a year instead of 10. There aren't any good swap meets in this town!  (Nov 4, 2007 | post #2)

First Coast News Jacksonville

Local News - Bathroom Sex Sting Nets Daytona Beach Teache...

Amen brother! You don't have the right to tell others what to do. People should be able to do whatever they want! Besides, the constitution specifically gives "consenting adults" the right to do anything they want anywhere they want to do it...after all...they're "consenting adults" endowed with inalienable rights to perform oral sex on each other or rectal sex standing on a pedestal in the middle of the mall if they choose. It is their choice! If they don't want to do it at home or in a motel...that's fine, they can do it right in front of YOU. REMEMBER THIS....they're consenting adults. The fact that a teacher and a ex-city councilman who hold key positions (pardon the pun) in the city are involved is irrelevant. In fact, many parents would probably want him to teach their kids about diversity...makes sense, no?  (Nov 4, 2007 | post #38)

Jacksonville, FL

Hillary Escapes California Law Suit

It was only 3 weeks ago that she was totally involved with Norman Shu with millions in illegal campaign contributions. Now, she has another "asian connection" also in California. It seems that restaurant workers who make $500 a week donated $380,000 to her campaign.  (Oct 22, 2007 | post #2)

Seattle, WA

AL Gore---What A Joke!

Along with Yassar Arafat, Al Gore won the Nobel "Peace" Prize for his laughable global warming hypothesis (sorry, it doesn't even reach that level). Al Gore is a joke from every point of view. Good going Nobel Committee!  (Oct 12, 2007 | post #1)

First Coast News Jacksonville

Top Stories - Former Vice President Al Gore Awarded Nobel...

Yassar Arafat also won the Nobel "Peace" Prize. This is nothing more than the "Left Wing Man Of The Year" award! The Swedes are big on this stuff. Global Warming....these people are morons!  (Oct 12, 2007 | post #4)

First Coast News Jacksonville

Local News - Sunday's Jaguars Game Blacked Ouot

The "NFL SHAGUARS" are only hurting themselves by blacking out the game. They lose big bucks from not selling TV ads. They would get more people to come to the games by showing them on TV. It's just 'neighborly' to entertain the 'masses' with your home team. People go to the game because they like getting out and "being there". The threat of blacking out the game doesn't make more people attend. Those people are going anyway. All blacking out the game do is to make Weaver look petty, vengeful and not too smart. Are they moving to LA? They don't have jaguars in LA they have bobcats. The new team name can be the bobcats! I like it!  (Oct 11, 2007 | post #10)

First Coast News Jacksonville

Top Stories - Conflicting Stories from Barnes on Night of...

OH COME ON! The problem is that Barnes IS accustomed to more upscale surroundings than Jacksonville. His refined tastes are stiffled here and I just hope that the City Council can find a way to publicly apologize to him for having to live in this hick town. JEEZ! He could do better!  (Oct 10, 2007 | post #17)

First Coast News Jacksonville

Strange & Unusual - Passenger Told to Change out of Sexua...

Apathy will be the undoing of us all. Our society is crumbling because of apathy. PC is the farthest thing from correct. PC is nothing less than censorship of the good people in society who are trying to raise good families. Good for Southwest Airlines!  (Oct 10, 2007 | post #38)

First Coast News Jacksonville

Top Stories - Anti-mosquito Action Steps up in St. Johns ...

"No matter what you do, the bugs will still run the place...just try to get rid of us." [Nancy Pelosi].  (Oct 10, 2007 | post #3)

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