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Sep 1, 2008


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You Will Reap What U Sow


London Ky



Local Favorites:

lowes,for their plants.Big Lots

I Belong To:

move,;Democracy Now.

When I'm Not on Topix:

lifting weights,on our firing range practicing with hubby.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

that's a good one,can't think of a reason,don't.

I'm Listening To:

you gotta pay for what you do

Read This Book:

you'll reap what you sow

Favorite Things:

filing income taxes,anything to to with numbers,crossword puzzles

On My Mind:

my friends and family,the hard times ahead.Wish my cuz would finish her book on the history of my family;The Clarks.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

don't have one.

I Believe In:

treating everyone with the respect they deserve.I'M afraid i've not mastered the art of turning the other cheek just yet,but i'm working on it.I am no longer even trying.Some,only God can forgive,it's not my call.