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Jan 31, 2007

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Medford, OR

moving to oregon

Wow...hello to all the experts on Oregon! I was born in Medford, almost 60 yrs ago, at Sacred Heart Hospital, (on Knob Hill). It was a wonderful area to grow up in, as we never had to lock our homes or cars, and children were safe to go anywhere at anytime. Every summer, we'd have to deal with all the tourist traffic and the rolling California Stop. In the fall, the Mexicians would arrive to work the fruit, but by December, only the locals remained. Then the invasion began, slow, like a rock rolling down a hill. Sadly, it gathered momentum, and has transformed Southern Oregon into a mini-Southern California. People that fled California to escape traffic, crime, and gridlock....only brought it all with them. The area I grew up appreciating is now the area I detest, and I can't afford to relocate. I'm trapped, surrounded by a self-serving and rude public, intent on "protecting " Oregon from itself. THAT'S the real crock of bs! (If I HAD to move to this area, I'd suggest Grants Pass over the highly taxed Ashland.)  (Jan 31, 2007 | post #17)