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Aug 30, 2010

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Bay Shore, NY

Motorcyclist killed in Bay Shore crash

and now karma is gonna fix u asshole really i wish i knew who u are i would come to u personaly u ignorent freak how dare u say that he deserved this u didnt kno him dummy he should still b alive and im sorry to say this but i wish it was u instead of my friend that died that day  (Aug 30, 2010 | post #8)

New York, NY

Bike Stunt By Gregory Edwards

really people stop with the ignorent comments its really ridiculous.....................greg was a very good person he was someone who often made me smile how dare you people say the things u are saying respect comes along way u people need to figure out the meaning of it this is not a time to joke around about a tragic death people are hurting because of this what if it was ur son brother or father how would u feel if people starting making a joke out of it laughing at ur loss u should b ashamed and u need to pray to god and ask him to forgive u for the things u guys wrote grow up good people are dying and they r dying young this is not a game so stop playing around find something else to take up ur time quit with the rude childish comments..............greg i will always remember u as the good friend u are i always had fun when u hung out with us thoses summer days will never b forgotten R.I.P u are missed by many my love and to gregs fam. i am truly sorry for ur loss and i am sorry that some people have to b a**holes greg was a good friend to me you guys are in my prayers stay strong and keep god close  (Aug 30, 2010 | post #27)

Bay Shore, NY

Motorcyclist killed in Bay Shore crash

ignorent ignorent ignorent thats what u r..........RIP GREG WE LOVE YOU..................some people need to grow up and stop taking life and death as a joke how could u wish a painfull death on anyone and the fact that u dont kno him this was my friend and he did not deserve to die at all keep ur comments to urself if ur just gonna make people hurt more GOD DONT LIKE UGLY remember that  (Aug 30, 2010 | post #6)

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