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Dec 16, 2013

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Westhill London Property Markets: Anybody have any comments?

For what its worth, I tend to believe that the home should not be vacant, this is why property `stagers` are becoming increasingly invaluable in the sale of houses - they sell a lifestyle which is difficult to do when the property is empty. Cape Blue mentioned the baking and coffee - so true - I bought an apartment in South Africa, and when I went to view it, the owner had just made herself a delicious bacon and egg breakfast - I walked in and knew it was for me (actually it was stunning, right on the sea front, with amazing views from every room) I ended up buying it because I could see myself there, eating my brekkie on the balcony! :D However if I was in your shoes, I might be inclined to keep the property, at least the tenants are responsible, as are the management company. Having said all that, the problem with having tenants is that they will see viewings as a pain in the butt and will not go to as much trouble as you would to ensure the house is squeaky clean and totally presentable. This can be detrimental, as they may even point out small irritations with your property. Not a good situation to be in, especially if they are not happy about their move and wish to prolong their stay. Good luck, I am sure you will choose the right course in the end  (Mar 13, 2014 | post #11)

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Westhill Consulting, TRAVEL & TOURS, INC. | Jakarta, Indo...

A friend has been telling me stories of how fun his travels had been and told me how he had managed to travel often. He immediately answered me because he had a very good consultant from your company. I will look into them.  (Feb 27, 2014 | post #3)