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Jul 14, 2011

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Lynnwood, WA

why shouldn't i do it with my brother?

I'm curious bout sex. I looked a lot on line, and I saw lots of nasty pics, and stuff. Some of the chat, and info sites tell about how many girls do it at my age, and even younger. I think the younger you start, the more it's likely to hurt. Is that true? They also say that like 8 out of 10 girls if they do it before jr.high, do it with a family memeber. My Bff said that sounded like a good idea. He can't tell anybody with out getting in trouble himself. I think the most common is with a older guy. Like your uncle, or even your dad. I think my uncle would. He looks at me funny sometimes. It makes me nervious, he gets so intense. But he doesn't live neer me, and I think it would be easier if he lived in my house. I don't think my dad would. It would be weird wouldn't it? How can I find out if he wanted to? Besides dad or my uncle would have a really big one right? I'm sure that a big one whould hurt more. That only leaves my brother. He's 15 that's not so old. His wouldn't be that big yet. Our rooms join with a bathroom in between, so it would be real easy. I guess I'm asking how do I know if he wants to? I would just die if I.. and he didn't want to!!! iIs there some way to find out? And is it still really bad if I can't get pregnant yet anyway?  (Jul 14, 2011 | post #1)