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Oct 13, 2012

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dave zigga zigga

Email me! you should still have addt  (Nov 7, 2013 | post #298)

Hi Eve

Is he the right one zigga zigga  (Oct 15, 2013 | post #91)

Hi Eve

Hi eve, I'm just here looking for Dave  (Oct 14, 2013 | post #64)


All I want to kno wis. Where is Dave?  (Oct 14, 2013 | post #318)

TIVA & ALMUS Actavis 10mg blueys from Dave 'the ZiggaZepa...

Bit of feedback for Dave. He's the real deal. Does go quiet everynow and then but when he does reply he is true to his word (within a day or so). All good. For london dwellers don't bother with Ukash - none of the shops on their site do it anymore (unless you know different) Respect due to Dave though - came through. Good bloke.  (Apr 30, 2013 | post #1077)

Pensacola, FL


Or , relax. Sexuality never led to war.  (Apr 8, 2013 | post #16)


You or him? I was asking him, you're cool.  (Feb 15, 2013 | post #233)


umm, hot profile pic. That is all  (Feb 15, 2013 | post #232)


Are you black? just askin...  (Feb 15, 2013 | post #223)


I am very happy for you, so you got cash - you can't buy yourself out of being c unt.  (Feb 15, 2013 | post #222)


JSA? I dont think so. I could afford to employ you but wouldn't,wouldn't be right after having to fire your mum when she gave my cleaner crabs (Poor Jose)  (Feb 15, 2013 | post #217)

[email protected] not a scammer total mistake on my p...

I was just thinking of security - putting a scammers email up is perfectly acceptable practice. So is this guy worth contacting?  (Feb 15, 2013 | post #4)