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Aug 20, 2012

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NEW! +200 mg/mdma PartyFlocks in stock!!!

long time ago I looked at this place, but holly shit what prices you have to pay! crazy! If I could help someone with some md crystal for the german price! Let me know! t i g - u k @ s a f e -... only per g! 24£/g (+ 4£ for tracking if needed) BTC,LR,BT/SEPA! Ahola Amigos!  (Apr 24, 2013 | post #39)

MDMA plus more to come! Cheap!!!

many of you UK guys are realy crazy! (thx guys for the big smile in my face!) dont know if the vendor is legit or not(doesn't matter!) but the price are realy nothing special! also if its would be best quality 83% uncut! vendors with prices like 1g for 60 or something are only exist because some crazy guys screem:  "I'm the man who knows qality must cost VERY VERY MUCH! And I love to get fool'ed! please take my hard eard money!"  will write no names ;)  they should know! and some guys realy ask what happes with this place and why simply all quality  sellers have left the building! wake up topix or this all turns into something like a fucking funny comedy show! and sometimes you will hear it!  but dont worry!! its only the laughter from the rest of the EU!!!  (Nov 24, 2012 | post #33)


Br0kenRabbit knows the way to go! Greetz  (Nov 16, 2012 | post #7)

NEW! +200 mg/mdma PartyFlocks in stock!!!

all reply'd good night! Greetz  (Oct 28, 2012 | post #20)

replacement of the defqon pills

you guys are looking for some of these? maybe I can help Greetz  (Oct 28, 2012 | post #71)


how much do you guys normaly pay for high grade lsd blotter? lets say 130ug+ would be nice to know! Greetz  (Oct 28, 2012 | post #5)