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Dec 25, 2011

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Central Square, NY

Abortion Debate - Central Square, NY

If a woman has been raped (against her will), Incest, (against her will), or if her life is in danger. If her life is in danger the doctor must be able to prove it beyond a doubt, b4 the AMA.  (Aug 18, 2012 | post #1)

Central Square, NY

Obama-Economy - Central Square, NY

In the short term it is better, but in the long-term it is disasterous, that is why i stated neither...It balances out somewhat. Within a yr i c another recession if congress cant gets it's act together. No matter who is elected to be the next president he will have his work cut out for him. The senate wants to spend without any major cuts, the HOR wants to spend without any major cuts to the military (not Defense) budget and not raise any revenue.....SNAFU!!!  (Aug 18, 2012 | post #1)

Central Square, NY

Trayvon Martin - Central Square, NY

If one is licensed to carry a firearm, then he/she should have it displayed in plain sight. It was self-defense, but zim provoked Martin. Martin beat the crap out of him and the killing was the only option. Zim is not very intelligent, he lacks honesty and tack.  (Aug 18, 2012 | post #1)

Pulaski, NY

Immigrants & K-12 - Pulaski, NY

Why in the world should the USA either voluntarily or involuntarily allow free education to any person who is not a citizen of this country? Isnt it bad enough that they have already usurped our federal laws on immigration, but now some of you want to give them an education as well. Where are the resources to come from? The USA is broke! We already have a program called Foreign Aid that the tax payer must 1st borrow only to give away.  (Dec 25, 2011 | post #1)

Central Square, NY

School Buses

I have another item of contention. The old North Country Shopping Plaza. Surely there are some people who either have some venture capital or know someone who does, or knows someone who can develop this site. It is in an excellent location for anything. Such as bowling, billards, IHOP, Home Depot, Furniture, Denny's, Radio Shack, Pizza Hut, etc.  (Dec 25, 2011 | post #2)

Central Square, NY

School Buses

I have been a resident for 16 yrs in Hastings and conduct allot of my business/shopping in Central Square. Many times I have observed School buses traveling from the schools. Seldom do i see a dozen children on any one bus. Times are hard financially for the school system and education. Gasoline costs are not cheap! Why not consolidate some of the buses so more children are on each bus? Sometimes there is a train of them on Route 11 and only a few children being transported.  (Dec 25, 2011 | post #1)