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Feb 19, 2012

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Daves Moroccan Hash (Feedback / Pics)

Earthy spicyish is a better word for the taste actually.  (Oct 3, 2012 | post #124)

Daves Moroccan Hash (Feedback / Pics)

Right lads, just for you I've had to roll my first of the day. Just to let you know I haven't smoked a joint since Monday. A little flame and it's quite sticky, add a little more flame and it fluffs up lovely though if you're not quick it becomes sticky and then hard again. Once you spark it up, it hits your head quite quickly. Blue smoke, and I love my blue smoke, always a good sign. A lovely spicyish taste is there, leaves me doing my "mouth thing" the taste lasts and it's good. Half way through and I can feel my eyes drooping, still quite heady and hardly any body buzz. I finish the joint, sit back and relax, gonna watch Full Metal Jacket. It's moreish, I'm already thinking about rolling another. Then a slow creeper of a body buzz has started to come on, eyes feel even more droopy but my mind is still clear (this is what I look for and the reason I don't smoke skunk) and I have a little giggle at the thought of the beginning of Jacket. Body buzz is still creeping. It's good pollen, heavier than his last batch. You could get stoned on this where his other I thought much more cerebral, though I only had two grams. Personally I think this is nice and well worth the price of an ounce. I'm currently rolling another and my mind is becoming a little cloudy but not too much that I wouldn't be able to hold a conversation. This is my personal view of it, I can't vouch for anyone else. I think it's a lovely piece. And just because I gave a small first sight preliminary report doesn't make anyone a shill, I just think it's better than saying "Yeah man, I just received thanks dude". And just sparked another one. Catch you all later. The Yeti  (Oct 3, 2012 | post #123)

Daves Moroccan Hash (Feedback / Pics)

Thanks for the voice of common sense and reason. Yes I have a job where sometimes I can work from home. A good edumacation can open doors to places like that.  (Oct 3, 2012 | post #91)

Daves Moroccan Hash (Feedback / Pics)

Received my order just now. He was right about it being darker than before. Compressed but still brittle, easily snapped with your hands. Not smoked it yet as I'm working but will be trying later this evening. Plus it was a gram over which is always nice. We have a good one here guys, lets try and keep him this time. Thanks Dave, The Yeti  (Oct 3, 2012 | post #88)

Blackbob2 feedback thread

Just like everybody here is saying Bob has the best hash on here hands down. I've always got mine next day with no tracker supplied from my very first order. And he has an e-mail waiting for him about my usual order. I also notice that there are no greys cnuting him off as a scammer anymore. Shame really, it always bumped his thread. The Yeti  (Oct 2, 2012 | post #20)

Daves Moroccan Hash (Feedback / Pics)

I've placed an order with Dave. Easy transaction, completely professional. He doesn't use special or recorded delivery but neither do some on SR and I've never had a problem there. I've been given an expected delivery date from Wednesday to Friday, depending on Royal Mail, with my order being sent out tomorrow. When he sent my sample (2g) last time there was nothing wrong with my postage, just Royal Mail being slow. He say's this is a higher grade than last time and for those who tried before you can't deny how nice that was so I'm looking forward to trying this batch. I'll update this once received and sampled. Thanks Dave, The Yeti  (Oct 1, 2012 | post #49)

nn dmt & changa mixes 1:1 uk-uk

Will, I don't even know where to begin. Finally tried your changa. I tried changa for the first time ever on the weekend. I've only ever broken through once on DMT free base, truly broken through, believe me you know when you have. I've tried it three times. This is a long story but I've been working some serious overtime so it will be incomplete. There is a trip report and I've been jotting it down today but again, it's not ready and to write it now would be an injustice to Will and my experience. I'll get this out now so I'll still have the 4,000 characters when I write unlike running out of space with Regretamine or Niceones threads. I did it around people that I love and care about while we all went sailing. I overcame my fear of harmaline and took the plunge with an estimated 100mg dose. Boats and scales can be tricky like that. Well Will, the only the only thing I can say now is that you've made a believer out of me with changa. I actually prefer it to freebase, I never thought I'd say that. I never thought anything could top that. Afterwards, and I never got this with freebase, when I came around, I didn't feel stoned like I'd just smoked a joint but calm, serene, mind and body working in perfect condition together as one. Everything for the next few hours kinda just went perfect, whether or not just plain luck, changa herbs and extracts, or placebo I don't know. Has this happened to any that have tried? A somewhat feeling of 'Zen' but that's the wrong word. I think it was in his previous thread that someone after their experience they couldn't stop saying "changa" exactly the same thing happened to me, it just rolls off the tongue. Today at work it took all the effort in the world not to say after being asked on the weekend "I smoked changa and you really have to try it and I'll give you a dose if you want". So I can see why Will was so enthusiastic about having me try this and not his free base to start with. Though a word of warning. If you are around someone that has taken a dose and they don't look too good or in trouble, as long as they aren't screaming or acting out then don't worry. I was told my face looked in pure horror and people were worried, there was no need to be. I've got to say thanks to Will for providing me with such an experience. This guy has been perfect throughout, a true gent and I get the feeling that it isn't just about the money with him, though of course that's nice, it really feels like he wants to share this with the world and he's pretty proud of his product. I would be too if I had the means or patience to create it. That's all for now but we have a good guy here and I hope he stays around for the foreseeable future. Again, thanks Will. The Yeti  (Oct 1, 2012 | post #38)

nn dmt & changa mixes 1:1 uk-uk

Seems like someone doesn't like you Will. For anyone that has missed his last thread it had tonnes of perfect feedback on. My gram of changa arrived this morning. I've not tried his product but now have a good few days free to but from the previous feedback I expect nothing but good things. Also, when speaking to Will he is a true gent and certainly knows his stuff and it's been a true pleasure learning about this along the way. Thanks again Will. Kind regards, The Yeti  (Sep 28, 2012 | post #4)

Niceones new thread

Without doubt the best vendor on Topix I've ever encountered. Always a pleasure and you will be missed. And damn straight you're no Shane. Ride off into the sunset mon frere. .com/watch?v=45KAj t7v4t4  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #170)

Flat Pressed Moroccan Hash 100g

Hey Dr. Maroc. Nice to see you back. This guy is 100% legit and had some very good hash for sale last time. It looks the same as before and I was impressed with his prices too. I would order with confidence. The Yeti  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #12)

Niceones new thread

This is just a thread full of savages. Honestly, what would your parents think if they saw what you get up to, grown men washing windows and chopping wood while completely wasted on drugs. It's a disgrace. Though for my birthday I went to Morocco with 20 hits of niceones acid and a gram of 2c-b. From what I hear I know I consumed at least 15 of the acid and about 3/4 of a gram of 2c-b. I have no idea how much booze I drank but there was 48 beers and a bottle of gin in my room at the start. I know I couldn't have drunk all that. I lost two days of my life that I'll never get back because of Niceone. I woke up next to a strange girl that I'd never met before and I honestly thought she was dead. I had visions of being on "Banged up abroad" or on the news, paranoia that I've never experienced before. Luckily for me she was alive and came around in the end, wasn't banged up or deported. But I was running amok for two days in some crazed drugged up stupor and I'll never know what happened, all thanks to Niceone. By the way mate, order received, thank you kindly. The Yeti  (Sep 14, 2012 | post #128)

n n Dmt & changa 1:1 mixes uk -uk coming very soon

I was put in touch with Will via a mutual friend. I then read this thread. I can't remember who got in touch first, but I was looking to buy a gram of freebase from him straight off because I knew he was legit via my friend. Instead of taking my cash straight away, we had a chat and then off his own back offered me a free sample of his changa as I had never tried it and he recommended it highly. I have only broken through once and he has been nothing but helpful through e-mail, answering questions, dosage, how to smoke it, what to expect, giving links for more info to read on. He certainly knows his stuff which is a refreshing change on here. He has asked for no money or pushed me to make an order, again a refreshing change. He even told me he was sending some incense as another gift that he enjoys while smoking. How nice is that? This is where the weird part comes in. This morning I was having a dream, I had the bong in my hand and took a deep pull of Will's changa. In the dream it all felt completely real and I was breaking through. Then I was crudely awoken by the postman who delivered me Wills package that smelt absolutely wonderful, reminding me of my time in India and Nepal. It took me well over an hour to open the package as that alone made my house smell beautiful. Once opened I couldnt help smile at his card. I've not opened it yet as I'm going to wait for the weekend to try. But this lad has gone the extra mile for a stranger, it's little things that he has done that impress me. I can't fault him at all. My only problem is now what to buy after I try this changa. All this and I havn't even smoked it yet. Thanks Will, truely. The Yeti  (Sep 14, 2012 | post #95)

BLACKBOB feedback thread

After my usual order last week was speaking to Bob about his pollen, not the afghan one, the other one. He told me it wasn't as good as the afghan but better than soap. There's a big difference between soap and afghan pollen. Next thing I know I've got a generous sample through the door. As I told someone else, it is absolutely lovely. It fluffed up but was still quite sticky, smoked perfectly, no hot rocks and blue smoke. Very heady high, mind very clear and little to no bodyload. Exactly what I was looking for. Bob has the best hash on here hands down, be it his pakistani black, afghan pollen (a damn shame that isnt available any more) or his Moroccan. So now I've just placed an order for an ounce, which at £100 is a complete bargin. Not once has he ever let me down. Thanks as always Bob. The Yeti  (Sep 14, 2012 | post #144)

LSD-25 for sale hoffmann blotter(150ug)

Just like to say that my order has been received. Paid on Sunday, received today. Quick and easy service. Comms could have been better but he sent an e-mail to say he forgot to tell me he had sent them out. Can't fault the guy. So that makes Anon full of nonsense with his claims but anon could be right about benzo use. Especially with the half life of diazepam. But this is all specualtion. It'd be nice to hear Lozzle's answer as many have enjoyed them. I certainly looking forward to the weekend. Thanks, The Yeti  (Sep 5, 2012 | post #506)

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