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Jun 25, 2013

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Greenville, KY

gerald wells

What can anyone tell me about him?  (Sep 5, 2013 | post #1)

Bay Minette, AL

Unsolved murders or missing people of Baldwin County

What are all the unsolved murders or missing people that you know of from Baldwin County?  (Jul 3, 2013 | post #1)

Muhlenberg County, KY

New Evidence in Muhlenberg Slaying

Say I'm stirring stuff up if u want I really don't care. I personally don't know his mom or the baby. I was just saying that much to let u know that I do know what I'm talking about. You are right I wasn't there but he gave me details...I shouldn't know as much as I do being as how I ain't even from there/only a couple years old when this happened. Also, when I came to topix this was the topic I first saw I didn't look for this. Also I didn't know what ever came of JB after I left....really don't even care but if the family wants to hear what I have to say then they can contact me.  (Jun 26, 2013 | post #1477)