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Aug 6, 2011


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"Go to Jesus and turn left."


I'm a displaced Okie!


Space the final frontier...

Local Favorites:

Teotihuacán, and The Pyramid of the Sun...

I Belong To:

God Almighty, My Wife who loves me, My Family Who is there for me, My work that makes my life possible, and My Country that I pray for daily...

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm doing something much more worthwhile...

Read My Forum Posts Because:

You might miss something worth reading...

I'm Listening To:

Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean

Read This Book:

Welcome to the Monkey House" By Kurt Vonnegut: A short story that is part of the collection Welcome to the Monkey House.

Favorite Things:

Faith, Family, Good Fellowship

On My Mind:

Georgia... by Willie

Blog / Website / Homepage:


I Believe In:

God, Family, and Country... in that order.