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Feb 2, 2011

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Computer Security

Don’t be a hacked site. Get a daily anti-malware scan.

Don’t be a hacked site. Get a low-cost daily anti-malware scan from GeoTrust that can identify both well-known malware and brand new malware strains. Clean up your site fast with instant alerts that clearly identify and locate malicious code. These alerts enable you to eliminate malware quickly, stay off search engine blacklists and keep search traffic flowing to your web site. Let your customers know that your site is malware free with an anti-malware seal from GeoTrust, the #1 most popular SSL brand on the web. This easy-to-implement cloud service is available directly from your domain hosting provider or your web security supplier. Features: * Daily anti-malware scan for regular check-up * Analysis of web page for identifiable malicious code plus monitoring to identify malicious activity to enable easy clean-up of infected site * Instant alerts identifying malicious code to enable fast malware removal * On-demand scans to enable quick confirmation of clean site status * Geotrust anti-malware seal to assure site visitors that site is clean of malware * Global support for quick answers So buy GeoTrust Antimalware Software now & make your website malware free by visiting  (Oct 21, 2011 | post #1)

Emerging Technology

Twitter turns on SSL encryption security

Twitter is having trouble again with a digital certificate that secures communications to its Web site, which has been causing trouble for third-party applications that integrate with it, but the problem may have been fixed.  (Aug 26, 2011 | post #2)