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Oct 13, 2013

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The cost of brand-name drugs is skyrocketing

Hi, all my life everybody told me that high cholesterol is the main reason for heart disease. Due to that, I struggled lowering my high cholesterol for all my life. It's running genetically in my family. I tried anything - all kind of low fat diets, sports, natural supplements but nothing helped. 2 years ago I gave up and started taking statin. It helped lowering my cholesterol but I felt bad - I hate taking drugs and there are all the researches that say that statin is bad. So a year ago I came across with this site - hsC . I studied the material and I decided to give it a try - and the results are amazing!!! I stopped taking any medication and followed the instructions and in the past 9 months my health is great, my cholesterol is perfectly normal and in the first time in my life I eat the stuff I love!!! This is never happened to me in any other method! I really recommend to all people that wants to live healthy and enjoyable life – try this hsC  (Oct 13, 2013 | post #10)