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Nov 7, 2012

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Romney's tactic turned on him after loss

Mitt's Ronmey and his surrogates frequently resorted to labeling President Barrack Obama and his policies as "failures ". Romney's wife was even quoted as saying, "Mitt doesn't fail." There is a new meme circulating that turns the tables on him. An image of Romney Looking distraught has been turned into a meme on the Afropunk Website. m/files/vm2XlQq*iw 7xQ1gosWGqTBiqtfKV H5PjeWT5JOXjy*Hq2S j62OMc5QQXYYz5wFTq mosN1OYkzow4iUqXB0 cTFsGDXY1-nyz9/rom neyfailure1.jpg  (Nov 7, 2012 | post #1)