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Jan 20, 2013

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Atheism requires as much faith as religion?

The absence of Evidence is not evidence of absence" "science " has already proven that alternative dimensions exist. Is it entirely un plausible that another group of entities perhaps live in these other dimensions? Perhaps our dimensions sometimes phase together very briefly and we see the remnants of another time and reality. We could see ourselves 10 years from now and then they could disappear in an instant. Paranormal things can be easily explained through science. Science is theory, I just gave you a theory, therefore it is Science. Don't believe in anything, always try to be open minded about everything. Belief is simply a tool used by those that can't think for themselves. Atheism, Christianity, Catholicism, They all rely on belief. Even Science is a belief system because it relies on it's one fundamental rule. "Everything can be understood and explained", unfortunately, everything cannot be explained and understood because new things are created every single second through evolution and environmental/geog raphical changes. There isn't enough time to study, understand and explain everything. Therefore Science is just the belief that everything can be, Atheism is the belief that there are no Gods, Christianity is the belief that Jesus died for their sins, whilst thousands of people stood by and let him get killed.. Yeah God sure wants to forget your sins when you let a Saint die! The fact is, If Gods do infact exist. They are not what people say they are, they are infact Aliens. From another world, time, place, existence. Belief is a flawed concept that all Humans embrace from a very young age. It is not "Human nature" it is taught to you by moronic parents, religious fanatics, schools. To be truly open minded you have to reject all of your preconceptions and embrace everything that there is to "know". After embracing everything around you, you have to then purge yourself of all the useless bullshit. Someone elses "opinion " for example, unless it uses correct logic and isn't based on their emotional disposition. None of you that are going to reply to this post will understand what true open mindedness is, None of you will ever achieve it and I frankly don't care. You're doomed by your own self righteous upbringing that you'll never change. It is not impossible to change this, you're just raised this way and then are too confident that it is "you". The people that understand the Truth beyond Truth, wont bother replying to this, they'll simply nod and then continue to lurk and laugh at the inane religious debates. Religion is made by man, it is a belief system. God has nothing to do with what Man makes, or what man claim. How can we win, when fools can be Kings. (8)~  (Jan 30, 2013 | post #151034)