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Apr 8, 2007

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New Lenox, IL

Why is there no one eating at our local IHOP?

As a normal American I don't have the money to eat out. I'm sure the 1% will eat at our local establishments often enough to keep them in business, right?  (Oct 17, 2015 | post #7)

New Lenox, IL

IL cuts funding across the board

Just thought I'd let you all know that many of the publicly funded mental health services have had their funding evaporate due the state not having a budget. So look forward to more crazies out on the streets without meds! Woohoo!  (Oct 17, 2015 | post #1)

New Lenox, IL

CVS Slotted for U.S. 30 and Cedar Road

I came on here to see what they were putting in the land previously occupied by House of Hughes and the pit stop, and of course, it's another New Lenox level fuckup...  (Apr 4, 2015 | post #3)

New Lenox, IL

eminent domain For Nelson road?

Like most things with New Lenox, this should have been done DECADES ago, but as usual the town drags it's feet. *What about straightening Ceder and Haven? *What ever happened to that mall out by Silver Cross? *Weren't we suppose to get a Menards or Home Depot over by Wal-mart? *Oh, and per the 1996 Federal Telecommunications act, we were all spose to have fiber optic lines to each residence, at a minimum of 40mbps? W*here are all these things? *Where is our tax money going?  (Jan 25, 2015 | post #2)

New Lenox, IL

Lifting America up by raising the wage floor

Have fun working yourself into an early grave. Better start digging now.  (Jul 20, 2014 | post #6)

New Lenox, IL

FU America got ya again lol

What they should do is fund R&D into those solar panel roads, and then hire people to install them. it'll create some jobs, at least in the short term, and not to mention clean, green energy.  (May 30, 2014 | post #4)

New Lenox, IL

Complete Idiot Cop

Anybody else putting handcuffs on a 9 year old girl would have themselves arrested..not a pervert with a badge thou...  (May 13, 2014 | post #3)

New Lenox, IL

Elect Rates Hit 29 Year High Thanks Obma

we need this: http://www.iflscie /solar-roads-could -power-entire-coun try  (May 13, 2014 | post #39)

New Lenox, IL

Electricity Bills Skyrocket

This discussion is full of people who would rather stand in a burning building inhaling smoke than call the fire department.. Fossil Fuels are a limited/finite resource. Have you ever asked why KFC doesn't serve dodo? Perhaps you'd like a Tasmanian wolf as a pet? Or what about the Silphium plant as a form of birth control? All these things no longer exist. And the human race will join soon enough if you continue to poison this planet.  (May 11, 2014 | post #25)

New Lenox, IL

The Real Makers and Takers

Despite widespread groans about the recent disclosure that Apple is finding ways to cut its federal tax bill, an analysis shows the computer giant is one of scores of corporations largely dodging the taxman. A surprising number of companies in the Standard & Poor's 500, 57, have found ways to pay effective tax rates of zero, according to a USA TODAY analysis of data from S&P Capital IQ. The effective tax rate is a popular measure used by investors to compare how much companies pay in tax relative to profit."* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur breaks it down. .com/watch?v=nlmrt E42e74  (Nov 2, 2013 | post #1)

New Lenox, IL

The Joys of Welfare. Corporate Welfare.

The fast-food industry is one of the nation's largest employers of low and minimum wage workers. According to one group, often the industry workers' pay is not enough and many turn to government programs for assistance. According to the National Employment Law Project's (NELP) newest report, because the fast-food industry pays its workers less than a living wage, U.S. taxpayers must foot the bill in the form of the public assistance programs these workers must use to get by. McDonald's alone, according to the group, cost taxpayers $1.2 billion last year. Based on NELP's estimates, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the annual costs of providing public assistance to low wage employees working at the seven largest publicly traded fast-food companies..." .* Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur break it down on The Young Turks. .com/watch?v=phFy_ Vys59g&feature =c4-overview&l ist=UU1yBKRuGpC1tS M73A0ZjYjQ  (Oct 29, 2013 | post #1)

New Lenox, IL

Tea Party 2014

Yes, and corporations have made record profits while Obama has been in office, and Glass–Steagall is still dead. Also, I don't recall ever stating my political affiliations, although I highly doubt you could comprehend someone who wasn't a demopublican or repulicrat.  (Sep 29, 2013 | post #36)

New Lenox, IL

Heart and Soul Warming

I think this guy needs a new line of work/routine... .com/watch?v=4B2a6 l6wM2k  (Sep 28, 2013 | post #14)

New Lenox, IL

Tea Party 2014

How are those Koch brother donations going for ya? I bet they sure are enjoying all the corporate welfare they get..that comes out of your pocket. The tax breaks must be nice too.  (Sep 28, 2013 | post #15)

New Lenox, IL

Listen to America!

Shouldn't this thread be titled "Listen to Canada", since Cruz is Canadian? I also find it funny that Cruz's country of birth burnt down the White House almost 200 years ago. Looks like he's here to finish the job.  (Sep 28, 2013 | post #35)

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