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Feb 8, 2010

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Fort Smith, AR

Two Teen Murder Suspects Arrested in Fort Smith

I am the parent of a young man who took the wrong road due to oxy addiction due to drug addicts who get their drugs "legally " and then sell it on the streets for $20-40.00 a pop. He is a good person. Graduated from high school while working 2 jobs. Became manager of cv's and kfc, own apartment buying a nice truck by the age of 18. He had (still does) a lot of friends, well liked, polite, kind caring heart. He made a mistake-he told me from the first pill he knew he was screwed. He is in rehab, after quiting both jobs, ("afraid I would steal their money") lost the love of his life (girl friend of several years) paid off his truck only to pawn it and then had to sell it ("to keep from completely losing it") started writing hot checks, taking things back to wal-mart for the cash to keep his habit going. Anyway, I used to feel that I was some how resonsible, He convinced me that this was "no way because of anything I did or did not do!" I have these three boys AND THEIR families in all my prayers! They all need it. wowjustwow is definately a strung out, screw up with too much time on their hands. What goes around comes around. God has a way of making us eat our words when we spout off about things we know nothing about.  (Feb 8, 2010 | post #44)

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