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Dec 4, 2009

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Columbus Dispatch

Bob Hunter commentary: Deadline deal will not help Indian...

Even if this team gets back on track and stays in contention for the division lead, do these young players have the mettle to win it down the stretch? I've got to say no. I told people back when the Indians seemed dominant that the first 40 games don't mean a thing. Every year, however, people seem to forget how long the schedule really is. The same time people were singing the Indians' praises the experts were wondering if Boston had given up too much ground.  (Jul 25, 2011 | post #2)

Columbus Dispatch

Searchers look for man's body in Muskingum River | The Co...

Why do people not respect the power of these rivers. They might look calm but they are like freight trains, moving a surprising volume of water over a great distance.  (Jul 24, 2011 | post #2)

Columbus Dispatch

Bob Hunter commentary: NCAA's report feels just a little ...

Sports Illustrated didn't print anything that was untrue. Did you notice how the players and parents threatening to sue SI never follower through? That's because they hung out at Fine Line. And while the BMV didn't see any irregularities in the cars, the BMV only checked to make sure that the titles were clean. The BMV doesn't care if the players are getting the cars paid off by a booster or if the financing is a sham. The BMV wants to make sure that the titles ad taxes jibe. Make no mistake, players are getting cars for free, but the dealers aren't defrauding anybody to make it happen.  (Jul 24, 2011 | post #99)

Columbus Dispatch

New urbanism | The Columbus Dispatch

A much needed renovation. Now if we can do something about the plasma clinics on High Street. I love being hassled by quart-low crack heads when I'm out and about.  (Jul 24, 2011 | post #28)

Columbus Dispatch

Bob Hunter commentary: NCAA's report feels just a little ...

They want to go to elite programs for exposure and any of the programs with national TV exposure seem to win.  (Jul 24, 2011 | post #77)

Columbus Dispatch

Bob Hunter commentary: NCAA's report feels just a little ...

Ohio State is dirty and has been for decades. Woody Hayes was a sleaze ball who steered his players toward boosters who would hook them up with free cars, free housing, free clothes and free nights in the local brothel. Don't be naive. That's how this game is played. Players aren't coming to Ohio State because they love Buckeye football and it's not just about winning because they can do that anywhere.  (Jul 24, 2011 | post #58)

Columbus Dispatch

Bob Hunter commentary: NCAA's report feels just a little ...

It's all about the money, Bob and rather than beating around the bush with rhetorical questions you should be using your years of alleged experience to speak the truth plainly. Jim Tressel screwed up. The NCAA has rules in place and he chose to break them, then he got caught. The NCAA was forced to take action. They made it very clear to Ohio State that the only recourse was to fire Jim Tressel. Failure to do so would result in damaging sanctions. Contrary to local belief, nobody is out to get Ohio State. The NCAA is a consortium of which Ohio State is an influential member. Ohio State is one of the programs that makes college football such a successful entertainment enterprise. The goal is not to punish Ohio State or even discourage the players from taking benefits. The goal is to create a veil of integrity while the money rolls in. Ohio State has been good at that. All of those self-reported secondary violations made Ohio State look like an clean program. I mean, if they're reporting the little stuff so frequently the players are probably afraid to do anything serious. Of course that was a rouse. Tressel created a culture of impropriety behind a facade of high character. Most people on the inside knew it, but the public ate it up. Tressel made the mistake of thinking he had enough goodwill on hand to sweep the tattoo scandal under the rug and if not for the fact that he was stupid enough to leave an email trail, he might have pulled it off. Let's not forget, back in January this was a done deal. Tressel was in the clear. It was after public records requests were filed that we found out that he had lied repeatedly and extensively. The NCAA made it clear that they were willing to hang this on Tressel and Ohio State almost screwed up and didn't take the hint. Fortunately, Jim Tressel couldn't keep his mouth shut and every time he spoke in front of another group he spun another lie. Ohio State had to let him go and the NCAA is thrilled because they won't have to hit Ohio State with sanctions that include bowl bans, major scholarship reductions and other things that could impact Ohio State's long term ability to generate revenue. Let's face it, college football is a dirty business. There's almost as much money changing hands at this level as there is in the NCAA but thanks to the guide of "student athletics" they don't have to pay the players. They pay the coaches. Tressel was pulling in 4.5 million a year and Fickell saw his salary triple when he got the interim nod. If he gets that interim tag removed he'll that 750,000 he just got will double and he'll have incentives to make even more. He ain't getting paid to run a clean program, he's getting paid to win at any cost. If he wants to continue to get paid he'll figure out how to sweep things under the rug to the NCAA's satisfaction.  (Jul 24, 2011 | post #56)

Columbus Dispatch

Tech jobs go unfilled for lack of skilled workers | The C...

There are plenty of tech people out there, but the unreported truth of this story is that the employers don't want to pay for talent. That's largely Cardinal's problem. They set the bar high, but not the pay. $68,000 a year is about two thirds of what a seasoned project lead expects to make. And when you consider that the average IT person 12 hours every day, often skips lunch to fix minor problems and ends up working weekends to boot, it's not much money.  (Jul 24, 2011 | post #26)

Columbus Dispatch

Parent complains after children were searched at pool | T...

I'd have have just whipped the kids one by one repeatedly until the culprit confessed.  (Jul 23, 2011 | post #610)

Columbus Dispatch

Americans still feel distrust toward Muslims | The Columb...

Or you acting like a jerk.  (Jul 23, 2011 | post #44)

Columbus Dispatch

Americans still feel distrust toward Muslims | The Columb...

It's foolish to distrust anybody on the basis of such a large religion unless you're distrusting of all religions.  (Jul 23, 2011 | post #42)

Columbus Dispatch

Rising temperatures take a toll on residents and activiti...

I work in mysterious ways.  (Jul 21, 2011 | post #1)

Columbus Dispatch

Akron mom in school-residency case weeps before Parole Bo...

If this case really is about her wanting to send her children to a safer school, then I'm all for a pardon and I'd consider action against whoever put her in jail. If she attempted to commit fraud for any kind of personal gain then she got what she deserved.  (Jul 20, 2011 | post #139)

Columbus Dispatch

Rob Oller commentary: Cheating isn't new, but it has wors...

Tressel was the root of the problem. He recruited sketchy characters (we all knew TP was high maintenance to say the least) and once they got here he let them get away with breaking the rules. I'm sorry, but 18, 19 and 20 year old kids are going to go through a "wild oats" phase. It's up to the 60 year-old man in charge of it all to set the tone. Tressel spun us a yarn and ran a program with as much class and integrity as Bobby Bowden had at FSU.  (Jul 17, 2011 | post #48)

Columbus Dispatch

Michael Arace commentary: Hoke talks a good game, so bewa...

9-1 and Buckeye fans are still insecure.  (Jul 17, 2011 | post #160)

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