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Sep 27, 2013

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If you had two choose between two hot Asian dancers, coul... com/Dancer-Mimi-Ge ne-Geter/dp/149236 7818/ When Mark was 13, he found a camera on his way to school and photographed a girl dressed like a ballerina. Fifteen years later, now a photographer, he sees the dancer again. Her name is Mimi. A strange friendship/relatio nship begins between them but then he meets another dancer and alleged murderer, also named Mimi. This Mimi wears a cape. These two women don't like each other and fight over Mark. Both women love him and supposedly are willing to die if she is not chosen. The Dancer Mimi was loosely inspired by real dancers Shoko Fujita and Shoko Tamai. About the dancers: (#1) Shoko Fujita interprets dance with passion and mystery. She worked as a soloist with Ayako Ogawa, Tokihiko Sakamoto and Akane Hakoda as well as performed with choreographers Dwight Rhoden, Africa Guzman and Larry Keigwin. (#2) Shoko Tamai¬ís devotion has led her to famed venues such as London¬ís Royal Opera House. She was a World Ballet Competition finalist and a gold medalist in the American Academy of Ballet competition.  (Sep 27, 2013 | post #1)