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Oct 27, 2011

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Interior design tips: Create durable spaces

Create a space that is perfect for families with kids and pets. These ideas from a specialist in Salt Lake City Utah interior design can help you design a room that’s safe, easy to maintain and most importantly, durable. We believe that everyone should have a well designed space and we’re going to give you some hints to create some hints on to create beautiful yet durable spaces that will last a life time. Whether you have kids, pets, or just a busy household, good design should be appropriate to your life style. And just because your furniture and flooring is long lasting, it doesn’t mean it has to look industrial. The arrival of a new pet to your home requires a little adjustment. When designing a space with a pet in mind you should consider durable flooring, fabric and color options. Just because you have an active family it doesn’t mean you can’t have stylish carpet. Today’s flooring need to stand up kids, pets and constant traffic while still looking great. You can ask for advice from a Salt Lake City interior design professional to help you find carpets that have four times the stain protection of most carpeting. This way you don’t have to worry about red wine, coffee stains or anything else you can think of. Maximize the vertical spaces in hour home by installing floating shelves for art work or family photos. Upper glass cabinets or higher niche areas fitted with accent lighting can provide a space for those special, yet breakable items. If you don’t want to ask a consultation with a Salt Lake City interior design specialist:http:// when designing kid’s rooms, keep in mind that they blossom in bright environments, so choose vibrant and bold colors for wall finishes and fabrics. These selections can begin with a brightly patterned area rug, which can be the starting point for a color or a theme. Vibrant colors can also be applied to doors. This is an area where the flow of your home decor doesn’t need to be considered, so be adventurous. Allow your child’s personality to shine in their own space. Overall have fun and let your child play an active role in the design of their special place.  (Jan 30, 2013 | post #1)

Interior Design

Interior design ideas: Remodel your master bathroom

If you're thinking about remodeling your master bathroom here are some useful interior design ideas. In this article I'm going to talk about the traditional, elegant style: incorporating a beautiful, classic white vanity, natural stone, detailed tile work, and sparkling hardware. Transform your nineties bathroom into an updated, traditional, and elegant spa with a more functional layout, extra storage and updated amenities. Everyone should have a well designed space regardless of budget constraints. Don't be afraid to change the interior design of your home, believe in your interior design ideas because a personal touch is exactly what your house needs. My interior design plan for this bathroom remodel is to transform it into a functional bathroom layout with privacy for the toilet area, a bath tub and shower for bathing, provide more storage, and update the outdated finishes (especially the old carpeted floors, if you still have those). I want to accomplish all of this while making the space seem larger and reflecting the love for traditional molding and elegant rooms. If you're looking for interior design ideas, here is my advice: select Sherwin Williams "Silver Strand" paint for a subtle blue backdrop to create a relaxing atmosphere and to set off the classic white cabinetry complete with glass and mirrored door panels, which I incorporated to visually "expand" the space of my small bathroom. For the hardware and plumbing fixtures I selected polished nickel for it’s warmth, sparkle and shine. Go with natural stone everywhere from the floor to ceiling. Select a warm, elegant travertine tile for the floor, and lay it in a fun herringbone pattern in the shower. You can also layer a few accent tiles together to create a beautiful feature of honed marble tile (Richards and Sterling’s Lycian collection), which beautifully plays off the travertine and soft blue paint. For the counter-top you can select Delicatus granite, for its warm golden hue with beautiful dark flecks to tie all of the color tones in the bathroom together. Last but not least design a custom roman shade window treatment to add in some softness in a gorgeous light blue stylized floral fabric. Best thing would be to create a separate enclosed toilet room, depending on the possibilities your house gives you. If that's not possible at least make sure you add privacy to the toilet area. When you set up your interior design plan, don't forget to consider some extra storage space and enlarging the space visually. You can do that by designing features that go floor to ceiling and wall to wall, as this lengthens and heightens the appearance of the room. You can also include lots of mirrors and reflective surfaces to expand the space and keep your eye moving around. This way you can see all the eye candy in traditional styling for each area you look at in this bathroom.  (Nov 2, 2012 | post #1)

Interior Design

Choose your interior designer wisely

If you want to improve the comfort of your home, make it at the same time cozy, but practical, modern and beautiful you can count on Salt Lake City Interior Design specialists. When choosing your interior designer you should make sure you are on the same track and he or she gets exactly what you need your house to become. The Salt Lake City interior design professional you are going to hire should be an open and communicative person. Best thing you could do is to accumulate photos from magazines of rooms and furniture you like, but also the ones you dislike, since this will give your designer a place to start in creating a design specifically for you. Tell your Salt Lake City interior designer the style you want, the colors you like, but also the activities that will take place in the room and make a list of things you wish to keep. Maybe some of them have a personal value for you, but the designer finds it unuseful and might replace it. Think about your preferences for furniture, fabrics, materials, and patterns. For example, if you think your space needs a breath of fresh air, you could repaint the walls. A cooling spa blue can give the room a tranquil, calming feel. Mounting the drapes slightly higher than the window helps to draw the eye up showing the height of the ceiling and by changing out the furniture to something less chunky and heavy it really opens up the space. Fun accessories help to liven up the space and add that touch of charm everyone needs. An idea for the kitchen could be cherry cabinets with white accent cabinets, a wonderful colonial blue for the media cabinet with a brown glaze antiquing and sage green with brown glaze antiquing for the laundry room. Beautiful new white granite creates that wonderful contrast in color in the kitchen and lightens up the room and compliments the gorgeous marble backsplash, just try an visualize it! These are just some ideas, to imagine what your house could become, in case you're not sure if you should call an interior designer or not. But still, be careful when choosing your Salt Lake City interior design professional. Remember that you are in charge of the budget, so you know what you can and can not afford. The designer should be villing to work with your timetable, and flexible when it comes to the changes that you desire.  (Jul 25, 2012 | post #1)

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Interior design ideas

There's nothing better than coming home from work after a stressful day, feeling tired and just wanting to relax. Transform you home into a lovely space, cozy but at the same time practical, modern and beautiful. Surprise your guests with innovative interior design ideas and enjoy the smile on everybody's face and the spark in their eyes when they'll see how transformed your house is. Everyone should have a well designed space regardless of budget constraints. Don't be afraid to change the interior design of your home, believe in your interior design ideas because a personal touch is exactly what your house needs. For example, when you go shopping for a new sofa don't choose the common brown and go for a happier color instead, or even a neutral one because it is much lighter to the eye than a dark brown sofa and you can play around choosing the matching colors for pillows. Remember that when it comes to interior design there's a world of color just waiting for you. Another interior design idea would be to make the mirrors in your home more than something you want to look into, make them something you want to look at! Go beyond their initial and practical purpose and treat them like something more than a functional reflective surface you use in the bathroom each morning. They reflect light, expand rooms, enhance design and can be great conversation pieces or even works of art. One of the most wonderful things about mirrors are the vast variety in size, shape and style that they come in. All of these things come into play when you are deciding on where you want one placed and how you want it to impact the room. The most commonly used mirror is the bathroom mirror, but don't let the functionality of it overpower the possibilities of mirrors. Have fun playing with shapes, instead of a rectangular go with a circle, oblong or, something on the ornate side to add interest. Living rooms, entryways and even dining rooms give you lots of possibilities. One spectacular thing is the size of mirror that these rooms can handle, having a large mirror brightens the room and expands the space dramatically! Also, mirror collages are fun and have endless possibilities as far as style, color, shape and quantity. You can never have too many interior design ideas, the design of the elements in your home just needs to be thought out and the sky is the limit! For pictures, more ideas or to get a quick consultation from a professional interior designer you can visit http://www.tdhid.c om/  (May 30, 2012 | post #1)

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Home Decorating Ideas?

Hi, you can find some pictures and ideas here: http://www.tdhid.c om/ or you can check this blog http://www.thedesi gnhouseinteriordes . I'm sure you'll find some interesting interior design ideas and you can always call an interior designer to help you or offer you a quick consultation.  (May 30, 2012 | post #120)

Home Decorating

Cork flooring - A different approach

While we were working on a sunroom remodel here at The Design House, our clients chose to use cork for their flooring. So what exactly is cork? Cork is an eco-friendly renewable resource, it is soft underfoot, helps with acoustics and provides a unique look unlike other flooring products. The Cork Oak tree grows in countries that run along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea; some of these include Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France & Italy. Cork flooring is environmentally friendly and cork is considered a renewable and sustainable natural resource. These floors can be a little expensive and their installed cost per square foot can be close to a good quality ceramic tile floor. However they are definitely worth the cost when used in smaller areas such as a Kitchen, Den or Dining Room but can be used in just about any flooring application. If you want to redecorate your home, ask an interior designer about this material, and maybe you'll decide to go this way with your floors. Cork is eco-friendly because of how it is harvested and used. The cork bark is harvested every 10 years from the Cork Oak, and it is only removed from the main trunk and lower branches so it won't hurt the tree. It is first used for wine bottle stoppers, afterwards the scraps are ground up, molded and baked in ovens to make other cork products, such as flooring. Little to none of this product is wasted! The benefits to using cork: -Renewable Resource - need I say more -Excellent sound absorption - for floor or wall application -Soft under foot - great cushion especially for elderly people or young children -Long lasting & easy to clean. It can be cleaned with a vacuum or a broom, the finish it comes with keeps it protected for many years. However it is not advised to clean with a wet mop, special cleaning products can be used for stain/soiled areas. -Anti-Allergenic & it has natural insect repellent qualities -Variety - cork comes in numerous patterns, shades, colors and sizes -Cork flooring is one of the most beautiful and comfortable floor material options available. -Cork floors are known to be simple to install and the perfect project for the DIY (do it yourself) crowd. -Because it does not release toxic gases on combustion, it is fire resistant. -Cork is a wonderful insulator. It is resistant to temperatures, so go ahead, take off your shoes and walk barefoot. You won’t find the same cold experience as with most tile flooring. Also, I did some research around the web and looked for reviews for cork flooring. Here's what I found, and I think you'll be as excited as I am: Cork Ratings comfort - 10 general durability - 8 cleanability - 8 (possible depending on finish) ease of installation - 9 resilience (memory) - 10 acoustics - 8 prices available without big performance sacrifices - 4 fashion/beauty factor - 10 general product availability (in U.S. market) - 6 overall performance - 8 overall value - 6 *****OVERALL RATING***** 7.5 Are you having second thoughts now about renewing your floors?  (Apr 12, 2012 | post #1)

Interior Design

Trend: Say Goodbye to your Big, Brown Sofa

The new trend for 2012 is to bring in some color with a nicely tailored sofa with sleek lines. This trend takes most people out of their comfort zone, but when you're out shopping for a sofa don't immediately go for the 'oh so common' brown sofa sitting on the showroom floor. I'm not against brown sofas, they have their place in the world, but going the other way is becoming more and more common in the world of design. And oh, does it make life more fun! There's a comforting feeling that people think comes with getting a brown sofa; they think it ensures that it will go with everything and work with any design they might ever choose to have… Well, so does a tan, gray, and a white sofa; even light muted colored sofas like blue, green and yellow can work! The neutral sofas are great examples. They are much lighter to the eye than a dark brown sofa would be and the colors from pillows pop better off this lighter fabric. In another design not only do we have a neutral sofa with tons of fun colored pillows but there is also two different colored chairs that join in on the design. Mix and match your colors and patterns for a more intriguing space. Now don't let the pattern scare you. You can bring in colors with a fun rug or with pillows; or like you can keep the accents neutral for a calmer color scheme. A West Elm sofa that has a big black and white pattern but it would still work for a number of designs. If you have the style that could support a piece of furniture like that GO FOR IT! Sofa's with prints are coming back in 2012 and I'd say this one does it pretty elegantly. When redecorating your house you can also use colored sofas. Now these won't work in every situation but they definitely have their place in the world. A yellow sofa is so charming, it has just enough color to give it a pop and the layered yellow pillows are fantastic. So don't be afraid to stray from your brown sofa! There's a world of color just waiting for you. There are so many wonderful options and directions you can go. Remember if you need help making the switch you can always ask us here at The Design House.  (Jan 13, 2012 | post #1)

Interior Design

Have you ever thought about using metal fabric?

Yes, you heard me right; metal fabric. While it may not be the comfiest product to reupholster your lazy boy recliner in, it definitely makes a fabulous room divider. A little while ago I had the opportunity to attend a designer trade show and among the different companies and products represented there one in particular has stuck out to me. I spoke with Scott Hinton from Modern Architectural Systems and he introduced me to GKD Metal Fabrics, an amazing company! Their metal fabrics have been specified by architects and designers worldwide for the beauty and practicality this product provides. Whether exterior or interior, large or small spaces, metal fabrics add drama and sophistication to the built environment. These metal fabrics have numerous possibilities for their use! They can be ceiling tiles, draped ceilings, wall partitions, room dividers, building facades, balustrades, railing insets, columns, etc. They can be framed, draped, freestanding or tension mounted; they can also be etched, illuminated, colored, and used for media screens and acoustics. Like I said the possibilities are endless!This is truly an amazing product!  (Dec 9, 2011 | post #1)