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Oct 15, 2010

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West Orange, NJ

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I agree with Abe. It’s time for people to wake up! It is time to take back America before the radical, left wing, socialist “Obama drones” destroy it. Vote conservative November 2 before it is too late! Obama and is cronies think nothing of the Constitution. They are shredding it with every piece of force fed legislation they put through in Congress. A political hack, no, I don’t think Abe’s anything of the sort. Most people don’t know the issues or don’t care because they feel it’s not there problem. They welcome so called “free money” and don’t think of the consequences, especially when it comes from the goverment. Stand proud and don’t look for government hand-outs and promises they will not and can not keep. Obama lies, bottom line and has the media in is back pocket. The liberal media should not be trusted. The left wing, liberal, socialist ruler of the white house has been exposed! This not by the media but from a grass roots anger from people, like me, across this nation. I’m so sick of all of the outrageous spending and arrogance coming out of Washington. Never before have I been so engulfed in politics in my life then after this “socialist ruler” came to office. Obama is a threat to this country, period. Obama, Pelosi, Reid are waging war on the principles of this country and what was built on. Stop the Grad Parade of Lifeless Packaging (classic Genesis tune) of political cronies set to march back to Washington if “we the People” don’t take a stand and send a message loud and clear come November 3. I am this way because I am worried about the direction of this country. Disagree with their agenda, you’re then called one of the “angry mob” or a called a racist. So sick am I of that card that gets drawn anytime one disagrees with this President. I disagree with this man and his agenda, I don’t see the color of his skin.  (Oct 15, 2010 | post #8)