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Mar 10, 2009

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Greensburg, KY

u.s.flag not allowed

Fox News-??? Theres A Reliable Source... UGH, Whats Next You Watch Glen Beck-???... Might Want To Research And leanr Bank Of America's Founding, It Might Interest You, As For The Flag, I Only Wave 5 Flags And The U.S. Flag is Not One of Them... But Since Your Dying To Know I'L Tell You... The E/U Flag, The U.N. Flag, The POW/MIA Flag, The State Flag, And The French Flag... Of Course I Feel That All Americans Banks Should Be Government Owned... Instead Of Us Saps Having To Bail Them Out Every Thirty Years, Or Is That Twenty Years... Either Way, Its The U.S. Taxpayer That Gets Screwed, Year After Year... Let Me Know What Capitalism Has Done For Us...  (Sep 26, 2009 | post #5)

Greensburg, KY

Don't Make Me Come Down There

Dear GOD, Can You Please Work On Your Grammar-???... Its Rather Sad, Considering Your Stature... Now Make Me Proud, Of I Wont Scream Out Your Name In Glee Any More...  (Sep 26, 2009 | post #2)

Greensburg, KY

should Ray get time in the slammer

Cause Were Bored Senseless, Until The Fall Line Up Comes Out On Hustler T.V. Till Then.... I'M Here...  (Sep 26, 2009 | post #118)

Greensburg, KY

should Ray get time in the slammer

Free Oral Sex-!!!, Bath House Misses Us, And So Do The Toilets-!!!  (Sep 26, 2009 | post #117)

Ironwood, MI


Your Very Welcome, Its Thanks To You I See The Whole Picture-!!!, Maybe You Can See What I See... After All Love Is Enduring And Forever-!!!...  (Jul 1, 2009 | post #2)

Greensburg, KY

A Mother that pisses me off!!

Yea She's A Mother Alright, But You Left Out The Last Part-!!!... I Find This Story So Hard To Believe That It Gave Me Gas, Thanks A Lot Pal... Truency Is A Crime, Even In Our Hillbilly County... So Instead Of Being The Trailer Trash That You Are... Why Arent You Contacting The School District Over The Kids Truency-???... Perhaps Cause It's Not True, Or Is It Cause Your Full Of Cow Poopy-???...  (May 29, 2009 | post #18)

Greensburg, KY

Please help the parks

Actually There Is Help..... Used Tires Are Being Grounded Up And Used As Mulch For Play Grounds All Across America, And The Cost Is (If You Pardon The Pun) Dirt Cheap-!!!...  (May 29, 2009 | post #5)

Greensburg, KY


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Francais, The Language Of Love... Damn I Have A Raging Boner Now-!!! Now Here Is Something That I'M Sure You Ignorant Peasants Never Knew, French Is The Official Language Of The United Nations... Now Tell Me Why It Is-???... And Don't Let Me Down, I Know Many Have Tons Of Ignorant And Useless Explanations...  (May 29, 2009 | post #41)

Greensburg, KY

what should we do about korea?

Idiots... Maybe If Trumen Wasn't Such A Cooter Fart, This Would Not Be Happening Today, Next Time Listen To General MacAurthur... But NO... It Is An Unwritten American Policy, To Always Fuel The War Machines... Iraq-1 Was A Perfect Example As Well... Fueling War, And Fear Generates Big Bucks For Lockhead Martin...  (May 29, 2009 | post #15)

Greensburg, KY

the best poster on topix

Poor Wondering, The Only Time The Light Was Seen, Was When The Little Hampster, Was Crawling Back Out... Come To The Light My Lil' Fella...  (May 29, 2009 | post #24)

Greensburg, KY

Hot Married Men in Summersville

You Left Out The Maple Syrup Baby...  (May 29, 2009 | post #52)

Greensburg, KY

Goodbye Jen

Bucktooth Is One, As In Single... They Have Rows, Hence Teeth... Now You Can Go Clean Your Dooky Stained Toilet, Out Back...  (May 29, 2009 | post #56)

Greensburg, KY

Black Helicopters Flying Over

Figures, I Should Have Known That BATH Would Bury The Sausage, I Mean Eat It...  (May 29, 2009 | post #26)

Greensburg, KY


According To The Vegas Bookies, They Are A Shoe In To Suck This Year As Well... Sorry...  (May 29, 2009 | post #18)

Greensburg, KY


Thanks BEV, Hope They Have My Size Diaper-!!!,,, But Thanks For Posting That Site, I'L Be Book Marking It For Future Notations...  (May 29, 2009 | post #30)

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