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Aug 10, 2010

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Fort Walton Beach, FL

Handyman V a Building Contractor

during the past year or so there has been an incress in the number of Handyman but alo on the rise is the number of Building Contractor offering Handyman services. A Lic and Insured Handyman can not offer the same services as a G.B.C yet they can offer our services and then charge the customer Contractors Rates. ( most home owners look for a skilled lic/insured handyman because thats what they want ) Competion is good for every one WHEN every one is on the same playing field.  (Feb 27, 2012 | post #1)

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Destin Shark Attack Kills 14-Year-Old Girl

yep,old new make us think twice.  (Jul 28, 2011 | post #3)

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Private Lenders now offer unsecured loans

Am currently looking for a privet investor to help me with the purchase and rehab of foreclosed homes. These will be turned into rentals. Repayment of loan will be secured on property Repayment of loan will be from the income. I will supply the labor for the rehab and management of the property. Loan amount will not exceed the market value of the property. If investor requires repayment of loan then the finished property may be sold, But I am looking to make money on this deal as well so am looking for a long term investor. Please Email me at m please no spam. (Am located in Florida USA)  (Feb 14, 2011 | post #2427)

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Review: The Brit Company

check out our reviews on yahoo local  (Aug 10, 2010 | post #1)