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Oct 29, 2007

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Should Fox Broadcast the whole Nascar season

I will second that vote..  (Dec 12, 2007 | post #3)


Good thing for Teresa Earnhardt she's free of that awful ...

The way she fits molded to what she thinks should be...Then maybe she should change the name to TEI..Cause I am sure that Dale Sr was investing in his family's future and legacy when he started this...  (Dec 8, 2007 | post #3)


dale jr fans dumb rednecks?? wtf!?

"97% of Nascar fans are dumb rednecks." "And 100% of the mouthy open wheel fans from Jonesboro, Ga. are pathetic buttwipes." comeon both them comments are funny... But seriously whats the problem with being called a redneck ? I mean dumb redneck yeah thats annoying but redneck is not a bad thing...Take my boy Jr, he is a Redneck ...  (Dec 8, 2007 | post #30)

Orangeville, PA


Do I have to pick just one ?  (Nov 13, 2007 | post #2)


ESPN coverage of NASCAR

Your kidding right ?  (Nov 11, 2007 | post #22)

Orangeville, PA

What do you think about the twin covered bridges ?

You hear allot about it from the PE about people talking bout it and I am wondering what the ones who live in the area think about it ? Should we rebuild the one or leave it as it is. I for one was surprised when it was washed away after it had been there for so long . I miss seeing it there. But I do not see the kinda money to rebuild it there calling for. Whats your thoughts ?  (Nov 8, 2007 | post #1)


"Big and Rich" Singer Compares Gay Marriage to Incest

lol... I am so amazed at the extremes this is taken to by both sides...The man was asked a question and he gave his opinion on it..Thats is his right as a citizen..But because it isn't what some want to hear he is all kinds of stupid ?..and All people that have his opinion are stupid ? Love the level of tolerance by both sides ....The gay side that calls all straights names because there straight and they hate them for it and the straight side that calls all gays names and hate them for it.... Do u realize you are mirroring each other from both sides...Each side wants there rights but doesn't think the other one should have theres.. Both sides should think about tolerance and figure out that we are all different and will disagree but that doesn't make our opinion any less valid than the next person's...It is after all a person opinion.... We all can change our opinion we just need to remember an opinion is easier changed when both party's can talk like adults and not insult each others intelligence....Yo u cannot force it to change....  (Oct 30, 2007 | post #93)


ESPN coverage of NASCAR

Have done that..But DTV its like a channel dedicated to whatever drivers picked...there is an announcer and reporters they interview crew chiefs and talk to the driver all during the race..and they always have ya drivers position with nearest drivers up and always a camera on the driver wherever he is at even have the split screen so that ya stay with the race during commercials...its a real good time if ya get the chance...  (Oct 30, 2007 | post #14)


ESPN coverage of NASCAR

yea only reason I still have direct tv  (Oct 29, 2007 | post #12)

Actos-side effects

Ahhhh the wonder of actos...It really helped me get my BS under control...But the side effect is that I put on almost 60 lbs from it...I put off changing because my Dr was wanting to wait for this new med that the FDA keeps pushing back...He said just hold out if its not to bad...yea now I have the swelling in my leg all the way up ...My joints are really starting to hurt and they just cant figure it out...I switched Dr's and he is trying to tell me that Actos does not have that kind of side effects...doutttttt....I beg to differ  (Oct 29, 2007 | post #15)


ESPN coverage of NASCAR

DTV Nascar package is pretty good...I like the fact u can actually just listen to there coverage on it and not espn's...And the stuff thats said over the car radios is so great...lets ya remember that them drivers have emotions and are striving to win every week...Its only downfall is that they choose only like 6 drivers a race and if yours is not there ya dont get to listen to him...All in all I will pay it cause it makes for some good coverage and very entertaining...and cheaper than tickets,,lol  (Oct 29, 2007 | post #9)

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Who's your favorite James Bond?

I used to say Connery...but after Casino Royale...There can be only one and it is Daniel Craige..The movie and he were amazing...I waited and waited not wanting to see it because I thought it would be bad...Now I think it is the best Bond ever...  (Oct 29, 2007 | post #10)

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