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Feb 13, 2012

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Most accomplished entrepreneur in USA cast into poverty b...

Dutch /Italian ethnic entrepreneur Nazi-equivalent network in USA shuts most accomplished entrepreneur in US history, into poverty for 11 years because anti-American monopolizing networks of USA don't want competition, don't want him beating them in industry anymore. They slander him as a "liar and crazy" about the (posted credentials below) accomplishments. Yet, there they are. The American Dream: See Most accomplished entrepreneur in US history with credentials of: 1. Record Company entrepreneur: (marketing/develop ment/promotions/bo oking/management/S ales) 2. Producer: (4 awards, 12 songs on commercial US industry rock radio) 3. Songwriter: 4. US Publisher: (ASCAP/BMI) first American elected to ASCAP's Board of Members whom is on private record company outside the 'major 4' owned by mainly german/jewish 5. Recording Artist: (rated #1 five times in USA including at US's highest ratings rock show Capitol Radio in Virginia by Producer Chris Condayan.) 6. Performer 7. Publishing law, Copyright/Trademar k, Contract, Management, booking. 8. Record Engineer - pre/post Mastering. Elected to Board of Members in USA's biggest record artist,publisher, author society that tracks 75% of all professional recording artists, record companies, publishers in USA America's most accomplished and American people need liberation from a failed government and hostile, rabid failing monopoly networks in USA that are on the attack against every successful American that isn't in their networks of german/jewish. They're failing, so they're attacking all of us and the world to try to compensate for their failures in their networks of greed. US Government has no response as they're bought and paid for by those networks. War on Terror? Where....when does the USA get liberation? Proof of Some Credentials stated above: ce/search.cfm?requ esttimeout=300 &mode=results &searchstr=310 644274&search_ in=i&search_ty pe=exact&searc h_det=t,s,w,p,b,v &results_pp=25 &start=1  (Feb 13, 2012 | post #1)