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Sep 22, 2011

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Q & A with the 1 the only me


the 1 the only me


Granite City


Granite City

Local Favorites:

Weather Vane, Ravenallis, Apple Tree, Metal Headz, Park Grill,

I Belong To:

nothing and noone

When I'm Not on Topix:

facebookin or pogoing

Read My Forum Posts Because:

it's from me

I'm Listening To:

The Urge!!!

Read This Book:

In Cold Blood

Favorite Things:

Going to concerts with my son and his buddies, they aren't embarrassed to hang with old momma.

On My Mind:

Why Congress won't take pay cuts so they can see what it is like to struggle in this economy.

I Believe In:

Love, my 1st love found me 20 some odd years later and now we plan on getting married and retiring to Alaska.