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Aug 16, 2007

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Hiawassee, GA

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Sorry, C4G, you've missed the point entirely. The news outlets cannot possibly cover all the news in an area. Thus, they pick & they choose. This is the kind of story that gets people's attention. It gets people talking. It gets people riled up. And it is going to get more play in the Metro market than anything else. And it happens everywhere. Look at the "Metro ATL" ring of 13 counties. How many of those get a proportional share of coverage? None. It is about the news that makes people tune it, read, talk & get mentally involved. That sells ad space. That's just the way it is. Communications 301. Pull down the text & read chapter 3 again. It is all there.  (Aug 18, 2007 | post #353)

Hiawassee, GA

Designer Threads

She didn't advertise them as fakes. Her store' name is =DESIGNER= Threads, not =FAKE= Designer Threads. Nowhere in the store is there a sign saying, "Hey! These are fake goods & that is why the price is so low." Not telling the whole truth is just as much a lie as telling a whopper straight out. The lady was ripping people off. Nowhere in the Federal statute does it say that she is innocent if the people who bought the goods should have known better.  (Aug 18, 2007 | post #348)

Hiawassee, GA

Designer Threads

"None of our business?" Are you nuts? She was ripping people off. That is not an "honest living." What she did is to commit a felony. A crime. We don't have to know her. She =knew= that what she was selling was fake because she got the letter from Coach telling her they were fake. If this were a black lady in Atlanta, you would have condemned her in a second. Hypocrisy is so unbecoming  (Aug 17, 2007 | post #314)

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