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Apr 4, 2009

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Malvern, AR

Would Malvern benifit from a grocery delivery?

Some days when I'm feeling lazy I wish we had a grocery delivery. There was one when I lived in California and it was sweet. Especially helpful when your time is stretched thin and just don't have the time.  (Apr 4, 2009 | post #2)

Malvern, AR

Rockport Hit With Speed Trap Lawsuit

I don't see a problem with them. Don't drive 10 over the posted limit and you won't get a ticket. Yeah I've been pulled over in Rockport more than a few times, but I was in the wrong every time. Exit 98 and 99 are Rockport, 98 is Rockport/Malvern depending on what part of it you're standing on since every time something is built in Rockport city limits its magically annexed into Malvern limits.. imagine that.. and 97 is Malvern. I think the Rockport PD is doing a pretty good job, and thats not biased since they don't like the company I work for.  (Apr 4, 2009 | post #8)