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Sep 1, 2006

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Quest for breast leaves ears ringing

Hmmm, I think maybe a breast augmentation would be cheaper than the hearing aids shes now going to need! ROFL, So, she listens to this bell and gets a 38 DD...what good does it do to have show stoppers like that if you can't hear the compliments made about them!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMFAO!!  (Jan 18, 2007 | post #8)


Officer Avoids DUI Arrest After Police Determine They Wer...

Interesting topic and response. Does anyone ever consider how many "courtesy " transports (free rides home w/no consequences) officers provide? More than you would think, however the nice efforts are never publicized like the bad things that can happen within a police department....hmmm m just food for thought.  (Jan 18, 2007 | post #3)


MP open your thread.....

My how has time gotten away from me of late! MP you are a beautiful person and deserve to have a "queen for a day" experience! Spoil and pamper yourself and make this birthday last through the weekend. When they all ask what you want, say that one of them can do the sweeping, the other can clean the kitchen, hmmmm, vaccum the carpet and you may even get a home cooked meal of the deal! Wheeeeeeeee! Love ya hon and have a great one!  (Jan 18, 2007 | post #3)


I'm so bored

There has been quite a LOT going on of late huh? I've missed most of it and sorta glad about that.  (Jan 8, 2007 | post #4505)


thank you very much

actually no I don't have a mouse in my pocket but I DO however have a lot of friends out here so that would have been a "collective " thank you to topix from me AND my friends....  (Jan 8, 2007 | post #4)


songs that make you cry

talking about old bands, just south of Austin, there is a race way that advertised for about a month that...get this...the BEACH BOYS were going to perform and I had to laugh because three days before the performance there were all these announcements that the concert was cancelled. I would imagine it was because the walkers wouldn't fit up the stairs to the stage! ROFL!!  (Jan 8, 2007 | post #112)


Megan invites topix family to welcome her friend to offbeat

ROFL, yeah, (big sigh) just give it time and she will come to realize just how crazy and fun this place can be! tee hee!  (Jan 8, 2007 | post #19)


la sunshine and her friends

El, as usual, you speak true words of wisdom. Thats why I so enjoy reading your input into matters. Yes, once the spoken (or written in this case) word is out, we often wish we could take it back, yet we realize we can't then must face the consequences. Good or bad. Unfortunately, this has happened several other times out here. NOT speaking of this situation, but rather past personal experience...I've at times tried so hard to prove my innocence in a situation, that I actually made myself look guilty! ROFL!! I do however, truly believe that time can heal many things.  (Jan 8, 2007 | post #1064)


Legal Flap Brews in Illinois Over Noose

I would think the museum would be better equiped to maintain the physical integrity of the rope. If taken back, would the family be able to preserve it as well as the museum could? I'd let the museum keep it, and maybe a fair trade would be to put a dedication plaque in the display noting the family that allows the museum to take care and custody of it. Seems to me, more people could be able to enjoy the story, history, and legends that surround it if its in a place for public display. But then, ROFL, it could be a real hot commodity on Ebay  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #9)


Man Accused of Putting Two Children Inside Clothes Dryer

Just thinking about what those kids must have been thinking while that was going on is horrifying. I recall some idiot kids from school that once thought it was FUN to climb into one of those big commercial dryers at the local washateria and have the other friends turn it on with them inside. Talk about having some bruises the next day!  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #6)


Transgender Shopper Denied Access To Fitting Room

Interesting topic. Within the last 5 years or so, I've noticed that many newer building don't have men or woman bathrooms...its just one powder room and has the sign on the door with a woman symbol and a man symbol...ROFL, guess these days they figure "one size fits all"...  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #28)


Gunman still sought after egg prank that turned deadly

Wow, what a sad story to read. I've never condoned throwing eggs as an acceptable kid joke/prank because it does damage paint jobs, but to get shot over it just confirms my ever decreasing belief that everyone is a good person by nature. Its hard enough these days to be on the road with all the cell phones, road rage and just not paying we have to add "armed and dangerous" to our ever growing list of concerns.  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #6)


Woman Tells Cop She Bought 'Bad Crack'

ROFL, stupid people are my job security!! I love you little icon! ROFLMFAO!!!  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #8)


Where is everyone??

Yeah, I feel like I've missed out on lots of stuff...just couldn't be helped. Hey Gracie...morning to you too!!  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #12)


Parents Accidentally Leave Baby In Toys R Us

This is just crazy! Why bother buying all the toys for the kid and just walk off and leave them in the basket? Think they would have figured it out on Christmas morning? All those toys and no kid to open them? Good grief!  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #5)

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