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Apr 2, 2007

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Quaker Nation?

Hi roboblogger, This is a very interesting review of a really interesting book. I have just started reading G. Fox's autobiography and feel a little like Noddy...except of course when I'm a sleeping cuddled up in bed. Peace, TTS  (Jul 26, 2007 | post #1)

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Slaying in the Spirit ?

When you have been in prison to the Liar, it is pretty easy to tell who is the son of a liar and who is a child of God. If you have the Spirit of Christ, He would witness with another who has the Spirit of Christ. Remember baby John the Baptist and baby Jesus of Nazareth ? Asking someone you are unsure of if they believe that 'Jesus Christ came in the flesh...' iow: If they believe Jesus Christ is God incarnate, and that He is eternal and immortal; would be pretty hard for a person to admit to. If they did and I was still unsure, I would ask them to tell me what they really love about Jesus --- you know personal like...if they could not tell, I might conclude they are either lacking in spiritual development, immature or they just have never encounter the living God in the person of Jesus Christ. Fruits are a way of knowing a person is in Christ, yet goody two shoes can put on the flavour of the month, and some are even better behaved than some believers... Being a believer is not a gaurantee of flawless behaviour, but one thing for sure, you will have a love for those who love, the one who you say you love, is just how it  (Jul 26, 2007 | post #7)